Online or non-AIT notaries?

I have a relative who passed away and may receive a small share of several accounts. I am going to have to get things notarized. I know AIT is an option but are there are other US notaries who work from Taipei? I am remembering that in the states many banks, libraries, schools, etc. had notaries. I’m going to call the first place I have to deal with, but perhaps I could even use something like a local notary.

I also see that there are now online notaries. Has anyone tried one of the online notaries?

I recently saw a couple people in Taiwan on Facebook with experience recommending this site. I know nothing about it but I made a note of it because they seem to have legitimate favorable comments.

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Remote notary depends on the state document will be used in if I remember correctly.

Holy cow. Online notary is like $75+ / doc. AIT charges $50.

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I think $75 is a little much but I’m maybe pay it to not have to make an appointment and trek out to AIT and wait in line.