Online payment gateways

Does anyone have any experience with online payment gateways in Taiwan for accepting credit card payments? I’m specifically looking at domestic TWD transactions.

There’s the obvious PayPal. Shopify mentions HiTRUST as another provider and I’ve previously purchased something that used ECPay.

Is anyone familiar with any of these or know of others? Any recommendations?

I guess Standard Chartered bank provides merchant account, other than that I know ZMTPay and Baian Payment Gateway, get in touch with them to know more but be sure to check the currency exchange rates they apply to each transaction.

I use PayPal to charge Taiwan clients. No problem.

Anyone ever use Costco as a payment gateway/ merchant service?

I’ve had bad luck dealing with them here but that was years ago, might be better now as far as answers and foreigners being allowed.

I do notice Samsung and apple pay stickers in shops now, maybe that would be one route?

Remember before in North America PayPal had a card reader for cellphones that looked pretty neat. But PayPal in Taiwan is getting more and more crazy and there is generally little faith in their practices that I can see. Buy if using it, maybe their cellphone stuff has made its way here?

I too am looking for a reliable above board processor that is transparent, efficient and has at least some kind of customer support. Looking forward to hearing more suggestions. Costco is hit or miss, but they are big and English speaking so maybe this service has promise :slight_smile:

I jumped on this thread, as we have new payment solution available line LinePay that we can provide to our merchants. We also able to accept merchants from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

Would your payment solution enable customers in Taiwan to choose a convenience store to make cash payments? You mentioned LinePay above but I did not see it mentioned on your website