Online quizzes about Hanyu Pinyin

I’ve just made a couple of quizzes to help people test their knowledge of Hanyu Pinyin.

test your knowledge of Hanyu Pinyin syllable breaks

select invalid Hanyu Pinyin spellings

Obviously I need to clean them up a little more and add proper navigation. But they’re ready to go other than that. Please let me know if you find these useful (or not), or if you’d like other sorts of tests.

Cool! Tripped once over the xian - xi’an thing. And I didn’t know that n

:blush: You’re quite right that “suao” is two syllables. Because the syllable break is between two vowels, the word should be written “su’ao”. When I made the quiz I originally had “suao” as the odd one out. But then I reconsidered whether I wanted to introduce apostrophe rules at that point and changed the answer to “dean” (which is easier because there are no syllables that contain both e and a). But I failed to change all of the instances of “suao”.

Thanks for catching that. I’ll fix it.