Online Reading Sites?

I recently started a new job at a school that has computers and projectors in every classroom. I’ve been making good use of them to do group reading with my grade 1-3 classes. I’ve now been trying to find some new sites that have good online stories.
A great site I found the other day was:

Does anyone know of some other good online sites they’de like to share?

scribd has loads and loads of texts.

Oops. I just had a look at your site. Scribd is basically books… not a “teaching to read” site.

Here’s a site with online stories for kids; the site also says it has some online books for young adults:

Also, here is a page of links on dmoz, the Open Directory Project:

I didn’t check out the dmoz page very well, so I can’t say much about it one way or the other.

Check out the sites mentioned here:

There are also lots of software packages you can buy that look nice when they’re up on the screen.

I saw a nice review for I believe that you buy a book that can be displayed on a projector so you can read the book together in class, and there’s also a game show option. Three students will get a chance to answer each question in a game show format. Check the video sample for what’s possible.

Just found a new site that might be fun for early beginners: - Im not sure if they lessons are on-line though it says you download it, so maybe, but for the good ones you have to pay …