Online reviews

I’m curious to know if there’s such a thing as online reviews of products sold in Taiwan aimed at locals. Back home I’m used to checking out reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, to get an idea if a product might be any good or not, but when my wife looks at stuff on Ruten or PCHome and asks my opinion most of it seems to be fairly generic and no way to tell if it might be any good or not: and of course, because it’s sold online, you can’t get your hands on it first (for instance, we were looking at laptop bags).

So my question is: are there sites, in Mandarin or otherwise, where products get ratings? And if there are no such websites here, how come?

Good question. I’ve always checked English reviews from overseas when buying something. After all, most of the stuff available locally is also sold abroad. I only know that restaurant reviews go on 愛評.