Online shopping...receiving shipment

Has anyone ordered anything online and had it shipped here to Taiwan? I’ve seen packages sent by Amazon left at people’s mailboxes. Wanted to know if you had to pay any duties?

I have ordered something over the net and it came right to my apartment without having to pay any duty. It took about 5 days to deliver from the States, so it’s pretty fast and reliable.

Hope that helps.

From Amazon, and an educational bookstore in Australia - both quick, to the door, and no duty.

One was to my home (I have a guard in my building) and one to the office. Both times, no problem.

Anyone order electronics? I have a big shopping list that I was going to buy next time I went home to the US. This would be great if I could order online and do not need to wait. If there are duties I was thinking of shipping to my friends place in Hong Kong, then having him bring it over here or I could get it the next time I was in HK. Anyone know about electronics ordered on the net in the US and shipped to Taiwan? Anyone have to pay import duties?

You can’t order electronics from the US…there’s a law against it. Well, you can try, but every EVERY online retailer that sells electronics I’ve ever visited ALL said NO.

Oh poop.

There are many that ship internationally. Keep checking. OK how about I have it shipped to my parents house. Then they ship to me. Will I have to pay import dutues, on say a digital camera or PDA, or will it slip past customs, or is customs simply not interested in single unit shipments of personal items with such a small value, ie, below US$1,000.

If anyone can find a web address that sells electronics from outside of Taiwan that direct mails here, I’ll gladly eat an entire bowl of steaming hot doggie poo.


PS…yes, you can have stuff shipped from a non-retailer (like a home address)…I also read once if you take it out of the original packaging, it won’t be considered “new” so it can’t be taxed because it’s already “yours”.

I bought a laptop computer from in the States and had it shipped here. (The price was cheaper, and I could get bundled English software, hassle free.) That company had no problem with shipping overseas, but for credit reasons, they wouldn’t ship unless I used a US credit card with a US billing address. In Taiwan, I had to pay a 1% duty, but that duty on computers has since been completely removed. The shipping company (DHL) took care of the duty, and then I reimbursed them.

Good Luck. Now if we could just get to see the light and ship overseas. . . My next overseas purchase will be an MP3 player, if anyone wants to suggest some good sites. . .