Online tax filing 2021

Exactly this. One year I even got a follow-up letter from the tax office asking for proof of overseas income to which I never replied. Got the certificate a few days later.

A strange thing this year is I paid via credit card back in May but the charge is still pending.

So about people who owe net tax - they probably don’t care. But they may be stricter for people who are getting a refund.

Yikes I still need to file taxes. Sounds like the online option is a no-go and I should just try to go the in-person route? Going to get a return…

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Good incentive! Get this done!


Yeah, ditto, except probably for that last sentence. Next Wednesday June 30th I’ve got semester grades due, taxes due, and a vaccine to get.

I also need to figure out what the deal is with visiting tax offices right now. Someone mentioned some of the tax offices have the odd / even ID number restrictions going - I’ve read elsewhere about appointments. But first I’d better fill out the darn forms.

So if you DO file late, what kind of interest / penalty are we talking about? I’m almost inclined to do that to avoid sharing air with the last-minute crowds. But maybe the oops-too-late-rush is even bigger.

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Me three. :sweat_smile:

I’m vacillating between trying to go to the tax office early next week (after getting everything in order at the weekend…hopefully) and seeing how far I can get online (the software seems quite functional for me, at least so far). The former would be a bit more tricky if they’re doing the odd/even system and/or requiring appointments.

As in my other thread, the latter is a bit complicated in my case - I believe the software generates some kind of cover form for the supporting documentation for foreign income, which I don’t really have, so it would probably be easier to explain that in person.

Honestly, I’m kind of leaning towards trying to file online, paying whatever the system says I owe, then either submitting the limited documentation I have or ignoring that part and waiting for them to complain (I think they allow a couple of weeks to submit this), at which point I guess I’ll need to go to the tax office to correct the mess. I’m assuming here that June 30 is the deadline for submitting rather than having everything 100% complete (and I may be wrong about that).

From what I’ve read, the interest/penalties aren’t very high.

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Why? It’s quite easy.

Taxes will take about 30mins online, much less if you don’t have any dependents.

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I asked this somewhere upthread and believe I didn’t receive a positive answer: has anyone successfully filed with overseas parent dependents? That’s the main catch for me. I’m not planning to bother trying online unless I know it’s possible.

Still have to goto the office after filing online, though one could mail the supplemental documents. I prefer going there since it’s my first time.

I did just recently, and in previous years. You’ll get a list of things you’re supposed to give to the tax office as proof after you submit. Personally I won’t mail in as that tends to lead to problems, easier to do it in person some time in the future when they call and ask for it, tends to get easier to pass the closer it gets to the refund deadline…

Note that the data for your dependents likely won’t auto download so need to manually add each one, use the form from last year to enter tax ID’s and all that.

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This might be a stupid question but I would like to know the answer. A lot of you say that you owe money to a taxman in here. What one has to do in order to owe money in Taiwan to a taxman ?
I just want to know for future reference. Thanks hanks a lot.

When your employer withholds less. This is a standard thing the world over nothing specific to Taiwan.


Quick question - are we supposed to declare fapiao winnings as income on tax returns? I’m talking about small amounts (NT$200 or NT$1000, not the massive prizes).

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The tw tax returns that I’ve seen do have them. One client had 1,000 and it was on his tw tax return. I assume it is in the system already, not something you have to disclose, but I could be wrong.
It has its own income code. If you search this site for tax income codes, you should find the link so that you can look up the code if you want.


Thanks - it’s weird. That didn’t seem to pop up in the tax software for me, while some medical/hospital expenses did. I would also assume it’s already in the system tied to the ARC/passport number of the claimant.

Maybe it’s related to the value? I remember for the NT$200 prizes you receive the full amount, whereas for NT$1000 and above a small amount is already deducted for taxes.

Aaactually, I remember now that I may have given the fapiao for the only time I won in 2020 to somebody else to claim, so that might explain everything. Never mind. :zipper_mouth_face:


You’re both right, for the low $200 prize you don’t get taxed but I won the larger (I think it was $3000) prize twice and they took 25% or so. It was on the year end report at the tax office.


Tomorrow 6/30 is last day to file in person, but what if your ARC number doesn’t match even/odds? Is it already too late to file now?

It’s not a supermarket and you had 2 months to do it anyway plus you can do them online so no excuses really.

but what exactly do they do? They’re not gonna refuse to file your returns right? If you have a refund, they really shouldn’t care. If you owe tax, maybe a small penalty?


That said, went in today, covid protocol was just scanning a barcode. 23 booths set up all outdoors in front of the building – only about 10 other people filing today, no last minute rush, took care of it in ~15-20 minutes. They were super nice and super helpful as usual and answered a bunch of questions. 10/10 highly recommend in person tax filing.