Online tax filing 2021

I ended up just giving in. The online tool wouldn’t accept I didn’t have dependents, so I just went to the office and it took 5 mins as usual.


Is it weird that I Iook forward to this beacon of govt efficiency every year? The fact that Heritage Bakery and their excellent carrot cake is nearby doesn’t hurt either.


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Inquiry: I’m a foreigner. APRC. Apple computer, which shouldn’t make a difference but may. Taiwanese spouse, which, like the computer, shouldn’t make a difference but may. What I suspect is the really tricky part: I claim my parents in Canada as dependents. Has anyone in this situation successfully managed the online tax filing?

If yes, I may give it a shot. If no, I won’t bother with the hours of headache for uncertain results.

I went to the tax office last Friday.
One young lad was doing our taxes with one senior official guiding him.
Everything went as expected until I told them my ID number changed. Shortly after 4 senior officials were busy with my case.
It took them 15 minutes. They made additional paperwork with copy of my arc for my keeping.
In the end I received a small refund similar like last year.
I wouldn’t know what to do with filing my tax online with two different ID numbers. I don’t think the software was updated for that use case.


How long does it take them to transfer the refund into my bank account?

It should just take a few days.
This year I let my wife have the refund. I don’t know if it is there yet.

It is going to be my first tax refund so I need to go to the office and complete the paper work there. Hope it is not too complicated.

I struggled a little bit with online taxes on two fronts this year. (1) I had a lot of trouble getting the card reader to work with my Mac, so I ended up using my wife’s PC and it was a much smoother experience. (2) I first tried using the software for foreigners and couldn’t find “Taiwan” in the dropdown to specify my wife’s nationality. I ended up filing our taxes on the software for locals (no English version) instead.

The two things above could very well be “user error” on my part, but I would say if you are concerned about headaches, you may just want to go into the tax office. Once I got on a PC and used the software for locals, it was smooth sailing, but I don’t have any dependents to file for, so I can’t comment on the extra steps required for that.

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So, I’ve been working for almost a year at a company and paid $47.000 a month. I heard I should do my taxes during this month but since everything just closed due to the new reported infections, I need to do it online.
To do so, I need a code that it’s not on the paper that my company gave me a few months ago, so now I’m stuck trying to get the code from nowhere.

Please help me!

I don’t know what code you need so hopefully others can help you there. I just wanted to mention that the tax filing deadline has been moved to June 30th this year, in case you weren’t aware.

Hi guys, is it true that those who want to get their first tax refund in Taiwan need to go to the tax office to complete the paper work? I want to get my tax refund and I was told that I need to visit the tax office as it is my first tax refund application, I cannot do it online.

Just go to the tax office … I tried to do it online and download the tax E-Filling software but keep saying there is an error with the “valid date”

Just change the region format to “Taiwan” to fix the problem with invalid date.

Oh yeah that works , thanks!

Need to go to Settings and then look for Region format and change to Chinese (Traditional , Taiwan)

Now my problem is to add my parents as dependents 扶養親屬 because the system doesn’t let me add them , so I should have to go to the Tax office

  • 1211 列報扶養直系尊親屬(如父母、岳父母、祖父母、繼父母等),應符合那些要件?




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Why not? Isn’t the dependents tab allowing manual input ?

Tax office does not accept individuals for tax refund from today till 28th May due to the spread of the virus.


May be worth a shot, but there’s no hurry (nor would I necessarily recommend going!). Based on this article, the offices are still partially open: “financial services will maintain normal operations”, and it mentions “people who need to go to the tax office for other purposes.” They may not be able to file the returns, but perhaps they can do the intermediate steps.

From the Tax office website , please use online tax filling


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