Online tax filing 2021

Not sure what happened for you. But did you try it on Chrome? I was trying to register my card the other day. The reader was working but I couldn’t click the read ID button on the website. After 30 minutes of trying I tried Chrome and it worked.

Did they make you change to the new ARC number just to get a digital certificate, or was that just something you needed to do anyway?

The clerk didn’t give me an option. I kinda wondered if she had to do that… But I figured I probably should. Now, I have to go change everything over. Banks, driver’s license… I wonder about my business paper work and now if there will be any issues for online taxes.
I did tell her I wanted the digital certificate for taxes.

Weird, that’s annoying! And a lot of places for you to visit now instead of the tax office…

How do you change your ARC to a new number???

There is a new arc number format that is similar to a Taiwan national’s. Instead of two letters and 8 digits, it has one letter and 9 digits. Theoretically, it should make it easier for transactions online.
If you want to change, go to immigration, take a number and tell them what you want. They have the forms when your number is called.

It’s a bit irresponsible to tell them how to do this without also directing them to the thread of people complaining about the new number :grin:

Irresponsible? Honestly, I just know it’s a pain and thats about it. I just need to file my taxes online so I can file again in the US.
I do think it’s good to share more info about it.

I read an article that said you no longer need to use a card reader to pay taxes online, you can even use your smartphone. For foreigners, apparently you need your ARC number, passport number and NHI card number.


I believe you can pay online however I think you won’t get the convenience of having all your data imported. I’m not a tax pro, so I’m wanting them to fill in the blanks and then I can check it over.

What website do you use to fill in for tax refund?

Here’s a thread about it: Online tax filing 2021

I’m definitely not an expert as I haven’t successfully done this.



There is no way I can do it. What’s the card reader? Where and how can you get it?

It’s just a, you know, card reader. You can get them on Shopee etc.


As if paying taxes wasn’t bad enough, now we have to use nonfree software for the privilege. The Boston Tea Party formed over much less.

Cannot even start online tax refund. It tells me that I did not pass OS… so annoying!

The Filing Period of 2020 Individual Income Tax extended to June 30.


I’d feel more comfortable getting advice from that lady if she wore a mask. :neutral_face: