Online ticket purchasing at EVA Airlines

It’s a legitimate email from Eva Air. Got the same email from Eva just last month. (never got it before and I fly Eva a lot).

Not sure the reason for it except I was using a different credit card number than usual. These days a lot of companies are trying to prevent credit card fraud and making customer’s jump through hoops which is annoying…but also understandable given the amount of security breaches and fraud going on.

This is weird because I bought a ticket last night and did not get the the online booking verification e-mail. Should I be worried? I did receive a text message telling me my confirmation number though.

No need to be worried because either they do not suspect fraud or they will send you that email later. Like the person who posed the question, I did not get this ‘more verification required’ email until 7-14 days after I purchased the ticket/received the confirmation #.

You may not even get the email.

(when I did get the email I too was suspicious but I just made sure the phone number was the same as the real Eva Air contact number)

Thanks everyone for your help.

I followed up by phone with the reservation office in Taipei. Took some time to get through but when I did, they were very helpful and asked me to forward the email to them so they could confirm that it was legitimate. They then sent me an email confirming that the initial email was legit and asked me to call the number. I did so and now everything is verified.

As mentioned, it is just an additional credit card security check.