Online Train Ticket-CC Payment?

So, booking my train ticket to taipei online (NOT HSR, slow train) and it gives me this message:

[color=#FF0000]Booking successfully – Thank You[/color]

then my personal info

Then it gives me the option to pay online.

It appears, whether I pay online now, or pay in person, my ticket is still booked, but I am not sure and that is my question-do I need to pay online now, or can I simply print out the info, take it to the station and pay then, or do I need to pay now for my place to be reserved?


There is a time limit to keep your booking if you haven’t paid (I think it’s 48 hours). The time limit always expires BEFORE the day of your departure, so if you want to pay at the train station, you must make a special trip there.

You can also pay online, like you said, then you can pick up your ticket at the train station the day you depart.

Another convenient option that I always use is to take your booking number and ID to any 7-11 or Family Mart and go to the iBon machine, enter your reservation info, and print a receipt, which you can then pay for at the counter. The counter clerk will then print out a ticket for you. The clerk will help you with the iBon if you can’t read Chinese.

Awesome, thank you!