Online Translations of ROC Laws (Some Uploads Are Recent)

It’s been a while since I surfed the Internet looking for English translations of Taiwanese laws, and in any case I think most of the translations in the links below have been available online for a while.

But last night was the first time I saw an English translation of the ROC Civil Code or the ROC Code of Criminal Procedure available online. Those two look relatively new, and that’s what prompted me to post the information here.

If the information on the pages linked below is already generally known, or not considered useful, then maybe the mod(s) could simply delete this post.

I still don’t see an English translation of the ROC Criminal Code anywhere, but for those posters who can read Mandarin, the link below that contains the word "Law
" instead of “Law” appears to offer the text of the Criminal Code in Mandarin (because my Mandarin is very poor, I cannot vouch for that).

Of course, I cannot guarantee that these translations are accurate or that these versions are the most recent ones (and accuracy and up-to-dateness can be very important).

Probably all the wikisource translations can be found on the government websites given below. Much, but I think not all, of the information as between the wikisource pages is overlapping.

Anyway, here are the links, overlap and all: … c_of_China … c_of_China … c_of_China … search.asp

I hope somebody gets some use out of these links.

Do not rely on the translation of either the Code of Criminal Procedure or the Criminal Code----both have major fuck ups on each and every page…I know because I was hired to edit them and quit in hopelessness…plus my fear that I will, in the end, not get paid. It is yet another outstanding example of Taiwan’s “let’s do everything half ass on a shoestring budget” approach to government.

If you want to those two translations for laughs, doorstops or kittybox liner that is fine; but do not use them as information sources.

I have no first hand knowledge of the accuracy of the rest of them…but I suspect the same level of translation/editing quality. I actually kind of laugh thinking about it, the old Two Live Crew song, Me So Horny keeps running though my head with the scene from Full Metal Jacket (I think that is the right movie) where the Viet whore hits up the Marines; except her line is “me so horny me translate long time…”

I better get back to work.

Thanks for the info.