Online writing practice aid

This looks pretty interesting:

It’s a site designed to help you practice handwriting Chinese characters. For those who want to learn that skill, it’s quite ingenious in the way it forces you to use the right stroke order. After a 2-week trial, there is a pay option, or you can apparently remain on a free arrangement with fewer features.

Stroke order doesnt really work yet, even if I set its strictness at 100%.
There’s on great feature though, the small hints it gives when you attempt to write the character, making it more flexible for learning characters than other handwriting recognition softwares.

That’s interesting.
I tried violating stroke order and it wouldn’t let me get away with anything. It even told me when I wrote strokes in the wrong direction. Maybe it’s more accurate for the characters provided in the free “try it out” section?

Tried again.
It actually does recognize the stroke order (will show where the stroke had to be done), but it just lets me go through with bad order. It’d be nice if it refused to input anything incorrect. Same with wrond direction, it will just put a message telling me its wrong but still accept it.

When it asked me to write ai4, I tried to write 愛, but it would only allow me to write 爱.

You have to login then you’ll be able to set inputs in simple, standard or both. I guess the trial version is for simple characters only.