OnlyFans social media subscription platform

The latest money-making social media platform.

This person is an actress but even regular people are making livable wages or more on it.

OnlyFans allows adult entertainers, as well as celebrities and influencers, to “share content that might be too X-rated for Instagram or Twitter.” Most notably, it hosts pages from Cardi B and some members of “Real Housewives.”

maybe she’s showing some of her private pansexuality

Simps giving their money away lol


Monthly subscription price calculator

this website is mainly used by pornographic models and I think Bella Throne’s subscribers got trolled…

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Women making truckloads of money off nothing but their god-given beauty. Truly they are oppressed :’) (no, only the unattractive ones are, so it seems)

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Signed up for OnlyFans. I thought there would be like famous musicians, athletes, celebrities, maybe some politicians or activists… Even thought it might be useful to follow famous Taiwan actors, musicians, etc. Tried to search for some of these but nothing.

All the recommendations are girls in bikini or guys doing something I didn’t check.

Searched for the actress that was in the news making huge amounts of money Bella Thorne, nothing.

Searching doesn’t seem part of the system. You have to be linked or know the link from another source.

Even the free content requires registering with a credit card. What a scam on the deprived and lonely, that have credit cards :sweat_smile:

More than I wanted to know about this BS.

Can’t find WAP Cardi B. But shows up if linked from another site. She wants US$4.99 a month to see some pictures.

Bizarro. :wall:

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Last I heard from some news, onlyfans got a lot of charge backs because she basically scammed her fans implying she would post nudes.

This comes up on Google search:

wtf?! I hate capitalism now!

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But it’s incredible the amount of betabux out there. I can’t comprehend why some men do it; I imagine it creates some illusion of affection.
This was last year I think. The guy stole 200k from his family to give her and killed them when they confronted him about it.

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US$35K a month. For pictures and videos.

US$1M per month.

Maybe time for me to start sharing nudes on Onlyfans.

Has to be better than selling my body.

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I’ll subscribe to that. Your posts will need rescuing!


Trying to put @mad_masala’s legacy business model to rest, are you? :dvd:


WTF is this and why I’m not getting rich already with it???

Ah, yeah. My not so impressive boobs and ass…

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I don’t get why people pay. You can literally find material–good material—in less than a minute. For free.

I tried having a browse, but need to sign up first which is disappointing. I wanted to see who was on it, like, “Oh, Ace Frehley, I can see his weiner for $10” or whatever/.

This might answer your question.


Onlyfans is kind of like those old fashion magazines for teenagers.

Buy the magazine and then join your favorite famous person club and you get special pictures and maybe a special letter on your birthday or maybe access to some extra membership benefits that regular people don’t get like the latest gossip a day earlier than in the public or early access to some tickets.

Or the best nude photos.

Is the monthly subscription that’s making all the money.