Oobie-doobie newbie!

Frustration and Confusion.
I hope to arrive in Taiwan in the week before CNY to begin looking for work. Its my first time. Some people recommend sticking to the biggest cities, and other say the smaller ones are better. I was thinking of going to Taoyuan or Keelung. But, you know, what do I know? All I want is a place to start where I can set up ok and get on with life.
Can anybody shed any light on the differences I might find between the biggest and the smaller? Why do people say that newbies should stick to the big cities?
I’m not a fan of big cities.
James the Confused.

Not only am I confused but I am forgetful.
I should say my priorities are, in an everchanging order of importance:

  1. Finding work, preferably with adults, some opportunity for privates after establishing myself.
  2. Meeting nice young ladies.
  3. Some peace and quiet. I am very much into yoga and enjoy a healthy lifestyle (willing to make compromises on air quality if needs be)
  4. I don’t really want to live somewhere absolutely jammed packed and filthy, but hey, I lived in India for a year and handled that ok. Having said that, I enjoyed the smaller cities of 800,000 or so much more than Bombay with its 17,000,000 although the opportunities are greater.

Is there not a seaside city, not too big, not too small, with nice weather, loads of work and friendly people?..Ah, my asian dream…

Avoid the big cities! If you like peace and quite Taoyuan city is not the place for you…although there are little towns outside Taoyuan so you could start of here in the city! The weather gets better the further south you are, Taichung has nice weather! I wouldnt come the week before Chinese new year just cause most things are closed for that whole week!

Its weird though, some people say its the best time to come - get some interviews lined up before CNY, fling some resumes around. Others say everything will be shut so come at the end of Jan. Some say Taoyuan is not so bad, along with everywhere else, but othere say everywhere is bad. The thing I suppose I should like to know is where to start.
Oh, my aching head!