Oola Mexican Grill - Food & Service

I went today. We tried the burrito and the tacos. The taco shells were fresh and both the pork and the beef in the tacos were good. They had a nice variety of salsa with the medium spicy definitely being my favorite. The burrito was larger than average and very filling. My wife got the chicken on it and she enjoyed the rice in the burrito. The corn chips were fresh, too.

Overall I was impressed with how healthy the meal was since I don’t associate healthiness with Mexican food much. We’ll definitely go back when we’re in the area especially when they get refried beans in for the burritos.

Formose Fitness,
It was really nice to meet you, Dave. Say hi to your wife Cindy for me. I am glad you guys had a good experience. I will work hard to get you the re fried beans.
Have a great day and i will check out your fitness. : )

I’m here now. And I’ll absolutely be back again. I’m no food critic but I know what I likes and I likes this.

I’m no food critic either, but I had a great lunch there this week – it’s a two minute walk from our office. Bright, clean, cheap, very friendly staff, and good food.

I am really glad that you enjoyed the food. I will be working to get those beans quickly. Join our facebook and when we get it, i will let everyone know!!

Thank you for the great review. I am so please to see our customers enjoy the place. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better, please do let me know.
I’m surprised you are so close to us. Have a wonderful night and i hope to see you again.
Have a wonderful night and we hope to serve you again.

Went here today for a late lunch. Hmmm, well I go to school in Texas, so can’t say it’s authentic-authentic, but close enough. I had the barbacoa burrito bowl, which was pretty good. Seemed like they used jasmine rice and not ‘Mexican’ rice, though?? Portions are a bit smaller than what I had expected. I was expecting Chipotle portions haha. Ah well, I may be back since it’s conveniently quick and close to me.

Hey ic89,
We are sorry for not being able to meet your expectations. To explain the authentic food. We are considered Tex-Mex so it won’t be possible for us to make authentic mexican food. Our rice is jasmine rice. You are very accurate in that : ) I like your attention to details. It will help us improve. We don’t offer Mexican rice but we do make our jasmine rice, cilantro-lime rice style.

Regarding the portion. We are sorry for that. Our employees are trained to give a certain portion. If you are interested in adding more rice or more lettuce in there. You can tell them. They are also taught to give you what you ask for. Therefore, the next time you come, if you think there isn’t enough rice or enough lettuce, let them know right away. We hope to have you again and be able to better serve you.
Thank you for the honesty, it helps us a lot.
Oola Mexican Grill

We visited Oola last week and loved it. I am from New Mexico and my husband is from Texas, and while I can’t say it’s exactly like home, it was close enough and we really enjoyed it. Carnitas? Good. Guacamole? Good. Rice? Good. Salsas? Really, really good! It reminded us a lot of Chipotle, which is a good thing in my mind. We will be back–often!

My wife and I dropped in on Saturday night, for a quiet wedding anniversary (6th). We seated ourselves on the outdoor balcony, and had a very pleasant meal. The burritos we had were excellent, and almost filled us, together with the nachos (I think they were nachos), and salsa.

Later one of the staff brought around some chicken quesadillas for customers to try. As soon as we tried one, we ordered a complete serve. Half a dozen lovely quesadillas left us completely full.

The service was excellent, prompt and efficient. Staff were communicative and helpful. The menu options were explained very well by a friendly young lad from California who said apologetically that he didn’t speak Chinese (though I thought he did pretty well). Prices were incredible, our entire meal (complete with drinks), cost us a little under NT$500.

I am absolutely no judge of Mexican food, and don’t know a fajita from a carnitas (these are some of the other things on the menu), but my wife assured me this was great Tex-Mex, and would be very creditable even in New York, let alone Taipei. For my part, I thought it was terrific food, very well priced, and I was particularly taken with how spotlessly clean and well presented the entire establishment was. We will certainly be return customers, especially since it’s so conveniently close to where we live.

We are glad to see most people are enjoying our food and service. For those that aren’t really pleased with both or any of them, we will keep working hard to be able to bring great food and service to all of the different demands out there. As part of another service we will be providing this next month, Oola will be transmitting the ALL World Cup games live, with special food and beer promotions to tag along. Reservations can be made through phone calls to 02-2363-1111. Reservations to 02:30 games are required in order for us to open for that respective game. Thanks again to all of you who bothered to spend some time and write a review about our restaurant. We will keep up the hard work, and hopefully make your every trio here, worth it, and please do expect it to be better every time.

Swung by yesterday, a bit tricky to find the place, although admittedly I don’t really hang out in that area.
Ordered a pulled pork burrito and although I’m fairly certain it wasn’t very authentic, it was very tasty. Plenty of pork in it too, although I thought the medium salsa was going to be hotter, so next time I’ll have to order the hot one.
Good value meals imho and I’ll be back to try something else.

Well, EYE watched the Brazil game last night along with a handful of Brazilian models at Oola last night.
Where were YOU lot? :discodance:

[quote=“Josefus”]Well, EYE watched the Brazil game last night along with a handful of Brazilian models at Oola last night.
Where were YOU lot? :discodance:[/quote]

We were watching it in a fake 7-11 with some over-serious North Korean obasans. :frowning:

my guess is you were discussing Brazilian electoral reform over drinks of ovaltine, right?

If by Brazilian electoral reform you mean playing cards and ovaltine you mean Jim Beam shots, then Yes!

Ate there a few days back.

authentic -> No
tasty -> Yes

-Nice set up
-large servings
-self-serve soda
-selection of salsa
-good guacamole
-sour cream
-feels healthy (rare for Mexican fare)
-meats are good quality

-food is cold to lukewarm (grilling the burrito briefly on each side before wrapping would solve this)
-slightly less rice and more cheese and salsa would add a bit to the burrito

Certainly a welcome addition to my food rotation.

This place is great, was in the area so ended up going there twice yesterday! Basically right across from the pool/gym, so it’s just perfect.

One question: are the chips baked or fried?

Suggestions: We ordered 2 extra servings of guacamole and it was still not enough. Would it be possible to order a large serving? You said the waitresses are happy to abide demands, but those tiny dishes are not really big enough, especially if they refuse to fill them up to full even after I asked them to do so several times. Even if guacamole is a more costly item, people who want more of it are still probably ordering larger meals to use it up with so it’d be great if we actually got enough to dip the chips in and also add to the main courses. Maybe something like NT$30 for the regular serving, and NT$60 for a king-sized serving. Cause I felt like the only way we would have had enough guac is to order four of those small thingys, which is kind of silly.

The food disposable setup upstairs is also fiddly. Write up a sign that tells people specifically what they should put in the recyclable and non recyclable bins. Label the drink pouring hole, take the lids off the containers (sure, it’s more sanitary, but it’s hard to be taking lids off and putting them back on when there’s already so little space on top of the garbage can)

Not a criticism at all (I’ve been to Oola a couple of times and love it), but to the original poster, regarding healthiness: Be careful! A Chipotle burrito tips on the 1000 calorie mark (with cheese and guac and all that), with JUST the tortilla being almost 300 cal! The Oola burritos are slightly smaller, but I’d still advise to enjoy in moderation if you’re looking for healthier eating (burrito bowls sans tortilla are also a viable option :P).

As to Oola in general, I moved back to Taiwan from the US recently, and it’s the only Tex-Mex/burrito place I’ve had in Taiwan that I’ve liked at all, so thank you for existing!

I stopped by this evening. This place is good: Fresh ingredients & lots of options = A good experience in my book. It’s the kind of place that I would stop and get take out if in the area, or head to on a Sunday afternoon if wandering around Gonguan. All in all, it’s nice to have a real option to all the places that have done so-so burritos as the one and only Mexican item on their menu or the few Mexican restaurants that have either a) been too expensive for what you get or b) of very poor quality that you never want to go back. Good work! Wish you Oola-ta luck! :thumbsup:

Ate there this weekend. I liked it. Tasty, and reasonably priced. No complaints.