Open account in US, use it in Taiwan?

Hi! I know there are some banks that have branches in both Taiwan and the US (e.g., Bank of Taiwan and HSBC). Is it possible to open a personal bank account in the US with one of these banks, get an ATM card, then use that same account and ATM card when you arrive in Taiwan?

I’m just wondering because it seems easier to open an account in the US, where I am (I assume) more likely to be able to communicate with the people at the bank, than to do it after I get to Taiwan.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I don’t know about those branches but I have a U.S. account…
Details - open a U.S. account and get an ATM card
You can (at least with my bank) use ATM machines here to withdraw money BUT (for me anyway) you have to wire money to that account from here (NT$500 fee, plus I have to pay US$15 to receive it on the other end)
My bank offers online banking so bank statements, etc. aren’t a problem for me (but the ‘paper’ statements go to an address in the U.S.)

I have a US account with a small local bank and I have a Visa Check Card (same as ATM, but can use as a visa also) that works great here. I don’t use it much, but when I do it seems to work much better than my ATM card here. It never gets denied unlike my local ATM card. Mostly though, I use the checks I have to pay for purchases, bills, etc. back home. It beats having to exchange NT and get a money order or wire, just write a check and drop it in the mail.