Open an eyebrow bar

Hello everyone
Does anyone know what documents are required to open an eyebrow salon in Taiwan??? or what administrative steps must be taken to avoid any problems ???

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Do you have an APRC or ARC?

Hi! A CPA will help you get everything together. You need a CPA to get started. This is mine. He speaks English. Rates are reasonable.


I have ARC
Is it possible with ARC??
I wanna to know how long does it take? and what documents are needed??
If you know, please tell me

The problem is that with a regular employment-based ARC you don’t have permission to work for anyone besides your ARC sponsor. If you want to start a company and work for that company, you’d need it to be able to sponsor a work permit for you, which requires an initial investment of at least NT$500k and a turnover of NT$3 million in the third year to maintain it.

And I guess you’d need (or benefit from) having a CPA. There are other threads on here about opening a business though (findable using the search function).


Thank you so much🙏

my ARC depends to my husband or it is “Dependent” type

Oh that might be different then. I imagine it could be easier for you than what I wrote then, but I’m not sure.


That is quite lucky, since (unlike many other ARCs) it seems to give you open work rights. So it’s very likely that there is a way to open a nail salon. If you need to register a business or something like this, probably best to check with professionals as the one @Marco posted.

PS: just a personal opinion, but I feel Iranian restaurants or food stalls would be much more “needed” in Taiwan than nail salons… Of which there seem to be many. But then, not being the target audience, I wouldn’t know if maybe an Iranian style nail salon is unique in a way I couldn’t even imagine :slight_smile: either way, wishing you best of luck!


Oh yeah, if she can make some decent kebabs, I’m definitely there! :grin:


Good suggestion, I will definitely consider it. Apparently I also found my first customers :grin: Thank you very much for the information and ideas that you write for me :pray:

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If I open the restaurant I will inform you here and I will be happy to see you there😁 Thank you🙏


Is your husband a Taiwanese citizen?

If yes, then you have unrestricted work rights and any type of business or employment is pretty easy.

However, if your husband is not a Taiwanese citizen, then you do not have unrestricted work rights and any type of work, business or self-employment will cost you a lot of money and a lot of administrative red tape in order to be in compliance with the law.

Husband a Taiwanese citizen?

On-topic comments only, please.


No, he is not.
So according to what you wrote I dont have open work permit, yes?
It gets hard :slightly_frowning_face:

Why is your husband here? I’d inquire with the NIA if your ARC includes open work rights or not.


With or without open work privileges, it is still necessary, even for Taiwanese to use a CPA to open a business.

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Sorry my suggestion of restaurant was more out of selfishness than a real suggestion. As far as I understand restaurants in Taiwan are a lot of work and quite little earning potential :frowning:

And very sorry about the ARC comment - automatic open work rights are only if married to a Taiwanese person. So as others suggested, need to look further into your partner’s ARC type and what this means for you.

No. You do not have unrestricted open work rights. You can’t work legally right now.

However, you haven’t provided enough personal information for us to make a proper assessment, so I’ll just make an example with some basic assumptions.

Let’s say…for example…

Your husband is Iranian. He was hired by a tech company to be a computer science/programmer expert or something. He was sponsored a work-permit by his qualifying company and the associated Alien Resident Card (ARC). He has the right to reside in Taiwan and he has the right to work for that specific company that sponsored his work-permit ONLY. No independent contract work, no starting his own company or self-employment allowed.

Your husband can apply for a dependent based ARC for you to reside in Taiwan based on his work-permit and ARC. It’s assumed that he has already done this and you are already residing here in Taiwan. Once your husband’s job ends and he no longer has a work-permit or ARC, then your dependent ARC is also no longer valid as your status in Taiwan is tied directly to your marriage to your husband and his status in Taiwan.

For now, you may reside in Taiwan, you may cook and clean and take care of your husband and any children that you may have. However, you may not work in any job of any kind for any reason without a work-permit. This also includes any type of unpaid volunteer work or any type of self-employment such as doing nails, eyebrows, babysitting, dog walking, vending, busking, etc. Can’t do any of these unless you receive official permission from the NIA.

You can, based on your education and experience, find a company willing to hire you and sponsor you for a work-permit. Then, you can work for that specific company and perform the duties of the specific job for which you were hired and sponsored. You may not do any private self-employment or start a business or any unpaid volunteer work.

At this point, the only way you can legally work is to have a company sponsor you for a work-permit.

The only way you can start your own business is to jump through the rings of fire that hiring an accountant and/or an attorney could take care of for you. See @Marco who is the duty expert on this.

Remember, what I wrote above assumes your marital status to a non-Taiwan citizen and is just a ball park guess and is not intended to be an all knowing oracle of advice.

Best wishes and welcome to The Flob.

ps. I love your name.


Oh thank you :slightly_smiling_face: and also Thank you very much for the good and valuable information that you gave,
This is almost my situation; so starting such things seems very difficult and will be expensive!
Are there the same conditions for starting artistic work (music, handicrafts, etc.)?
Because before (before coming to Taiwan) a friend said to me that you can do artwork without a work permit!!! do you have any information about it??!


He is senior engineer

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Again you will need legal advice on this.