Open ended ticket destination changing

When I came to Taipei last August I came on a return open ended ticket from Vancouver. I will not be flying back to Vancouver in the one year time frame that the ticket is valid for. I’m wondering now if I can switch the destination of my ticket and use the ticket to fly to Bangkok in the summer. Has anyone ever had luck doing this? I just called China Airlines with whom I flew here with and they said that they had to contact my agent in Vancouver to see if this is possible. I just wanted to see if anyone has ever succesfully done this before, and because the ticket to Vancouver is worth more than my ticket to Bangkok will they refund me the whole amount of the return portion in perhaps the way of a return ticket to Bangkok or will I only be able to go one way on that portion of my open ended ticket?


Doesn’t that depend on your fare class and restrictions?

If you’re talking about an economy/coach ticket, then usually any class other than “Y” will not allow for changes.

This information should also be on your actual ticket - the part that deals with restrictions.

“Y” class fares sometimes allow for changes but turning a return ticket into something else seems unlikely, or only possible if you pay high penalties or fees.

Coach Economy class: Regular: Y Discount/Restricted: B, H, M, Q, T