Open Water Scuba Diving Certification


I will be scuba diving in Australia this summer and I’m interested in getting my certification here in Taiwan. Are there any courses available in Taipei city? I live close to Shilin, so I was hoping that there was something closer because I work on the weekends. If you have any details, please let me know. Thanks!

Too bad you didn’t post this a couple of months ago, just did my open water cert with my boss at work who is also a scuba instructor. There are a few diving shops that have courses, the best one in Taipei according to my boss is probably the one in Yonghe city on Zhongshan road (near MRT Dingxi). (Under Sea Players Club). There’s at least one guy I’ve met there a few times who speaks perfect English if you don’t speak Chinese. Have fun!

I know that the Nangang sports center has diving courses. Close to Hoshanpi MRT on the blue line

Hey mate,

Just spend a weekend and do a crash course in OZ, it’s piss easy…