Open water swimming

Howdy all!

Anyone know if there’s anywhere in Taipei, or not too far from there, where open water swimming is allowed? I don’t really want to go as far as the coast, and the lifeguards usually poo themselves as soon as your above waist-high water anyway.

How about that big, rectangular piece of water in Sanchong (not sure what the name is)? Or that’s a no go, too?

Thanks muchly!

Bitan - upstream away from the bridge.

Thanks John!

Do i remember there being some problem there with whirlpools, or something? Caused a drowning death or two, or something like that?
I could, of course, be remembering something completely different… Maybe I made it up!

Thanks again!

No you’re right there’s been reports of whirlpool-caused drownings around there, but I always swam upstream, away from the bridge, and I was fine. At your own risk, I suppose.

This is a good site that announces open-water competitions (and regular swim meets).

You can also join triathlons by doing the swimming part for your relay team. These are pricey to join, though (4-6,000 NT per person, depending on the organizer). Did the Sun Moon Lake swim last weekend. There was a special swim on Saturday before the crazy “carnival” swim on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had a much better time for the 3.3km than I expected I would have.

Here’s a link to a 3K open water swim at Lanyang (Yilan) in May (5/18). Sorry it’s all in Chinese.

You need to register with a team of at least 5 swimmers. Please PM if you’re interested in joining our group. We need one more swimmer for our group. There will be three of us going at it hard and one so far that will take it easy. I don’t know the cost yet, but I’m sure it will be under NT$1,000 for each person. I believe you get a T-shirt and swimming cap.

Here’s a video of the event from 2011 taken from one person’s perspective. If you’re worried about the distance or some imagined fierce competition, worry no more. All swimmers are required to have their own flotation device (great for taking a break if you need it), and most swimmers are doing this for the fun of it. Anyone is welcome to join our little group.

No one has contacted me yet. This video worked wonders on FB, let’s see what it can do here.

We’ve got enough swimmers now to register. Does anybody else want to join our group? You can go separately and swim separately (they require only that three swimmers stick together and we’ve already the three). It should be great fun for somebody to swim this with a friend (or even solo). Anyway, PM me if you’re interested. We will be registering sometime toward the end of the first week of March (next week).

Oh and the cost is NT$1,500. You’ve got to be there by around 8 am on a Sunday (the swim starts at 8:30 am). You could also make a little vacation out of it and stay overnight like I plan to do with my family.

The Sun Moon Lake swims are coming up (August 30th and 31st). The one on the 30th (Saturday) is a day before the mass “carnival” swim. It is a 3.3km race with a chip given to each swimmer (I don’t believe it’s actually that long, though). Last year, there were about 1,200 participants in the one on Saturday, and 200 of those went first as part of a multi-day triathlon. That sure as hell beats over 20,000 swimmers for the “carnival.”

If you’re interested, here’s the link to the form:

The cost is NT$1,900 for foreigners. You will have to arrive Friday and spend the night in a hotel. A friend of mine drove down on Friday night and slept in his car, but he’s crazy and I don’t recommend doing that.

If you register, please PM me and we can have a drink together the night before! I can provide other information (like how to get there, etc.) if you need that.