Open-Work Permit Application Procedures - Step by step

Yes, we are still required to update our OWP to reflect our new passport number.

No. Whether or not the NIA shares information with the labor department is irrelevant and highly unlikely anyway. Here is Taiwan and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

@GoldenEagle Please don’t make irresponsible suggestions. Why? Because then the thread will devolve into the tiresome, “But I have a Taiwanese spouse and therefore have unrestricted work rights so I don’t need an OWP with my APRC” nonsense false argument.

So, just to put a stop to any possible bad information from starting for the millionth time…

  1. All APRC holders MUST update their APRC to reflect their new passport number when it gets renewed.

  2. All APRC holders MUST have an OWP in order to legally work in Taiwan regardless of marital status to a Taiwanese citizen.

  3. All APRC holders who have an OWP are required to renew their OWP whenever their passport number changes, if they wish to engage in legal employment in Taiwan.



I thought we went over that already. Do you have a source for #2?

Of course we’ve gone over it and gone over it and gone over it adnauseum! This is such a stupid and tiring discussion!

  1. NIA - Multiple people when I recently updated my APRC because of my new passport.

  2. OWP issuing authority - multiple people when I renewed my OWP after completing my APRC update.

Both departmental people agreed with my argument that an OWP for APRC holders was stupid and a waste of time because ARC holders who are married to Taiwanese citizens have it printed directly on their ARC that they have open work rights. They all also agreed that the APRC should also have it printed on the card as well, but because it doesn’t, APRC holders are still required to have the OWP if they want to work legally. I asked for an official law or policy statement or link to an official government website reference and no one could provide one to me. In fact, the NIA told me to ask the Labor Department and the Labor Department told me to ask the NIA! Taiwan sucks!

So, do whatever you frickin’ want. Make up your own rules. Carry a copy of your marriage certificate in your back pocket. Take your spouse with you to job interviews. Show the police a copy of your spouse’s ID card indicating your name as your APRC doesn’t show marital status. Whine insistently about having to renew the APRC and OWP every time your passport changes. Try to find any whiny reason to not update the OWP and desperately do it by mail instead of in person.

Bring this tired old topic up again in 3 months for the nth time and insist you know it better than anyone else!

This is not directed to any specific individual, but just a general rant directed toward everyone!


Your honorable rant is appreciated. :bowing:

Not endorsed, but still appreciated.

That’s enough to convince me they don’t know what they’re talking about, in terms of the actual law (which according to my understanding is that marriage to a NWHR plus legal residence in the form of an ARC or APRC is what activates the foreign spouse work permit exemption). But again, if you want to avoid hassle in the event of people inquiring about your status, the OWP definitely simplifies things. :2cents:


I there a Place in Taoyuan where I can apply for the OWP?

Replying since I successfully renewed the open work permit by mail. No need to send money when updating for a new passport number. No need to send a self addressed envelope with postage either. The office uses their own stationary envelope. Do make sure to include your existing open work permit. You probably want to keep a copy of it with you until the new one comes. The open work permit is a nicer card now so that’s nice.

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Just want to confirm, is the address still 台北市中正區中華路一段39號10樓/11樓?

You are correct!

Did it today; no hassle. In and out in five minutes. Came back an hour later to pick up the open work permit.

They don’t accept the application form in the first message in this thread any longer. I submitted that one, but they made me fill out the updated version instead, and need two copies of my passport information page for some reason.

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Sir can you tell me about open work permit in Taiwan how to apply from ARC OFFICE AND OTHER OFFICE

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a quick question

what is the minimum age to apply for the OWP for an APRC holder?


Hey sweetheart,

If a person has an APRC, then they are eligible to apply for the Open Work Permit.

So, how old do you have to be in order to apply for and receive an APRC? Probably the age of majority in Taiwan, which if I remember correctly, is 20 years old.

This is an interesting question. Let’s analyze this a bit, shall we?

In order to get an APRC, you need to be married to a Taiwan citizen for a minimum of five years or you have to have a work-permit for five years and earn at least 2x the minimum monthly basic wage (slave wage).

So, a foreigner marries a Taiwanese at age 15 and then by age 20 is eligible to apply for the APRC and the associated Open Work Permit. Hmmm. I don’t see this happening. I would guess more likely is married at age 20 and applies for the APRC at age 25.

As for work-permit for a foreigner. Probably not many foreigners here in Taiwan who have completed four years of university by age 15 and have successfully gotten a work-permit which would allow them to apply for the APRC five years later at age 20. More likely, finished college at age 22 and apply for the APRC by age 27.

Good topic for discussion.

Who of all of us APRC holders was the youngest to get it? I was 41 when I got mine back in 2006.

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Article 15 of
Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens

The spouse and any underage children of any alien whose application for permanent residency is approved based upon investment immigration, may also apply for permanent residency.

Articles 15 and 16 of
Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals
also say minors can get APRC.

If you are a minor, U20, there are restrictions even if you can get an open work permit.
If you are over 18 and under 20, the restriction may be just a permit/consent of parents.



Thanks for your answer

Minor can get aprc Under some conditions thus I asked my question

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Thanks for replying

Indeed I need I think there are some kind of restrictions for minors…let me investigate more in the Work office

related laws

Labor Standards Act

Articles 44~48, 77, 79

Civil Code

Article 12

The Protection of Children and Youth Welfare and Rights Act


thanks…so basically very likely they won’t issue the OWP to people under 16 years old…very useful…

Can’t find the Open Work permit on there.

Continuing a discussion with @tando here:

About article 51 of the Employment Service Act, the act that gives us the open work permit. Full text:

So I looked up those exemptions in the article, and that created more questions. The first:
Paragraphs 1 and 3 of Article 46
Text of Article 46

I think paragraph 1 is the list of jobs, and paragraph 3 is the last paragraph, so what restriction does paragraph 2 still place? If a job requires that a foreigner have 2 years of experience, does that still apply? Am I misunderstanding paragraphs?

Does having an open work permit exempt me from all of the Employment Service Act?

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