Open-Work Permit Application Procedures - Step by step

Just got my Open Work Permit yesterday and, as everyone has mentioned, Mr. Lǚ is extremely friendly and helpful. He asked me to post the following information on Forumosa (he said he tried to call the number that Northcoast Surfer left but it didn’t work):

[color=#FF0000]As of July 29, 2013, the location to obtain your Open Work Permit is changing.[/color]

The new address is:
Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Zhonghua Rd. Sec. 1, Number 39, 10th & 11th floors

Take MRT, get off at Ximen Station, exit 5. It’s a five-minute walk north.

Click on the image below to see full size.

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Just received my APRC earlier this week and followed the information from Northwest Surfer for my OWP card. The BEVT new location is confirmed Zhonghua Road, Sec. 1, No. 39, 10th floor. Mr. Lu Yung-ming was spot on, helped me filled out the application and had it done in 30 minutes.

Just in case anyone is looking for these forms. They are now located at

Employment through a business:

Open Employment Permit (aka Personal):

I recently got a new passport–and then needed a new APRC, and then a new Open Work Permit. Thankfully everything went smoothly. I took care of the last step today, with the gracious help of Mr Lu at the Zhonghua Road office noted above. I wanted to pass along a thanks to Steve4nLanguage and all the others who have contributed to this thread. You guys are awesome and really help make this community a worthwhile place to be!


In the not so smart question section: wasn’t it supposed to be that we would not need to get an Open Work Permit as the information would be printed in our APRCs? What happened to that?

Icon, if you can confirm that this is indeed the case, please let us know! In the meantime, it appears yes indeed APRC holders do need to head over to the other office (on Zhonghua Road, noted above) to get the OWP. It seems that the two government divisions happily manage their own affairs and the gap between them has not been bridged. Thankfully the updated OWP I received was free and certainly no hassle to obtain.


Received my APRC this week - the officer gave me application form, which looks a bit different than what has been posted on page 1.
I am a bit confused what I shall write for the “name of relative/relationchip part”, as I am still married, but in progress for filing a divorce.
I just don’t like to mess things up here with a wrong statement.

The second (big part) on my sheep looks like:
Until “Sex and Date of birth” it is the same, but then they are asking for

Name of relative (in Taiwan) you depend on and Relationship
(instead of most recent entry day)

Expire Date of Residant visa is the same as on the original form

On my form there is no 3rd line anymore
(before was period of work)
From adress of Resident in Taiwan onwards it is more or less the same.

Do I have to use this new form or I just download it according from this thread ?
Thank you, Moti

For info:
File name is AF-042

Can anyone confirm whether it is still necessary as of December 2015 for APRC holders to apply separately for an open work permit ?

If so, I’d also like to inquire about the need (or otherwise) to include the details of a relative (which I don’t have) to the most recent OWP application form - I could add a colleague perhaps, but I’m sure they don’t wish to be responsible for me.


Just received my APRC and also have this question about working rights. I assumed (perhaps erroneously) that the APRC would automatically give me open working rights.

You do have the right. They were supposed to adjust the APRC to reflect this. However, you might need a little piece of paper that takes 10 minutes to apply for as per above instructions.

Once again, thanks for always answering my queries, Icon (are you stalking me? :P)! Skimmed through some of the posts above…does this mean I have to go to Taipei?! I live in Zhongli and received my APRC from the Taoyuan office.

Now that is a good question…Mmmm, my best guess is that Taoyuan should have its own Labor Affairs office, but HELP!!!

As to the stalking, wish I had the time!

I got my APRC in Taoyuan but was told I had to go to Taipei to get the OWP. Maybe it’s changed from two years ago?

Thanks Steve. Seems I’m using all my vacation days just to visit government offices! :noway:

Thanks Steve. Seems I’m using all my vacation days just to visit government offices! :noway:[/quote]

Do stop by ours. I’d invite you to some coffee but our cafeteria is vile. :smiley:

I successfully applied for mine through the mail a few years back. I think the details about how to do it are buried somewhere in this thread.

That would be great!! I’ll have to look into it…

Sooo…where is this office with the vile cafeteria? :wink:

That would be great!! I’ll have to look into it…

Sooo…where is this office with the vile cafeteria? :wink:[/quote]

Follow the stampede of angry foreigners, but only from 2 to 5. :wink:

Any other times, follow the protests. Where they start throwing tomatoes, that’s it. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop. There are guided tours of the premises on Fridays, come and appreciate the Japanese legacy. :smiling_imp:

The forms have moved yet again:

Employment through a business:

Open work permit (aka personal):


Hello, is that personal open work permit form the same for people with 台灣地區居留證? If so, what do you put for nationality (since I’m technically a 無戶籍國民)? Is the process the same or is there another one for people like me?