Opening a bank account online

Did you know that you can open up a bank account online in Taiwan?
Here is how you do it!

Yeah but the article just says that foreigners can’t do it…

However, the same can’t be said for APRC or ARC holders who despite having an ID number registered with the government cannot open an account online.


edit: I misunderstood. It’s a rant about people not being able to open a digital bank account even with ARC or APRC.

This is an ad for a digital bank. Also that digital bank still requires an ARC. So pretty deceptive article.

Also clicking anywhere on that page keeps opening a new page, an online store. Could be some phishing.

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I’ll let the author know. He is testing out some ads and something has gone wrong on that front.

However… no it’s not an add for a digital bank. Read again

It explains what foreigners miss out on

The ad situation will be fixed tomorrow he said

I didn’t say you could :rofl: just pointing out what you’re missing out on.
Ability to open an account within 10 minutes
3% interest on savings
0.5% cash back on debit card…

Edit. We’ll kind of. but didn’t mention the requirements…

Sorry, but this reads like spam to a low-quality blog post in my opinion.


I understand. The idea was to point out the discrimination

There are already lots of threads about that here. So why the need to start a new topic just about that particular blog post?

Has anyone been able to open a bank account with LINE Bank using an ARC? - that thread is 1000x more informative than the blog post (which just reads like a bad rant with a deceptive title…)


That’s deba

That’s debatable. The thread says nothing about the features you miss out on

I was debating about posting this, because it makes it easy to identify me.

Anyways, from my experience living in EU as a third-worlder. I got the same “discrimination” you guys complained about in this forum. Like:

  • not being able to open an account in certain banks
  • not being able to open a digital bank account despite being a legal resident
  • not being able to open brokerage account
  • not being able to get real or good credit cards

Haven’t tried getting a loan or mortgage.

Of course, there’s always an excuse. Language barrier, income, credit score, etc. So same shit like the stuffs you read here.

Obviously, not all non-EU experience the same discrimination in EU banking system. For that I say, be grateful you were born in one of the “good” country.

I’m sure I’ll face the same problem even in the US and Australia/New Zealand.

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The clicking problem is solved.

What are you talking about? The online banks are open to ALL ‘residents!!!’

Again… NO YOU WON’T. When I was working in the bank in Australia we were VERY careful not to be seen as discriminatory. Even working holiday visa workers got credit cards. (albeit low limits due to their income…)

I don’t think so. And even in the EU countries, the local human rights commissions have teeth and can fine without suing.

Taiwan does not afford us this luxury.

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