Opening a cram school in the 2020s

I am interested in opening my own buxiban here in Taiwan. I’ve looked around the threads to find some kind of checklist on steps to take. Anyone have any experience or a link to such a thing?

What city, Taipei?

I can help you out. I’ve got a lot of posts on Forumosa addressing the issues I have had. Any questions just pm me.

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Opening a cram school in 2020

By the way it is now 2021, not 2020🤭


There is definitely a regular poster here who has made a couple threads about his experience opening his own cram school (mostly concerning financial or tax issues), but I forget his name at the moment. Anyone?


Buying more Bitcoin in 2020 is the thread I want to see.


Southern Taiwan

My understanding is it can depend on the rules of the specific locality. I know little about how things work in the south though.

I changed the thread title. Ain’t nobody got time for Tardis stuff here… :slightly_smiling_face:

That would be @Pinoco.