Opening a Rep Office in Taiwan - ARC for Mainlander

Ok, so I’ve read over the December, 2011 revision of the guide, I just have a simple question whether or not it would entitle me to invite a Mainlander over on an work permit/ARC. At this time, I’m settled here with my ARC from school and just operate through HK, but my counterpart/partner/best friend in Beijing would like to get out of Beijing as soon as possible. We were talking about him moving here to Taipei or the US (with my parents help), but because he’s a Mainlander he cannot easily just come here or go there like the rest of us would. Is it possible for a Rep Office here (HK based) to invite a Mainlander for work?

I know this would involve insurance, NHI, etc. but he’s my best friend and I want to help him. What would be necessary?