Opening a restaurant or cafe in taipei

hi, can anyone fill me in on what and how i go about starting up a cafe or restaurant.
i figure i can go the illleagal way or the legal way but i need to weigh up the options so any advice on either would be mucho appreciated

are there any existing threads to look at. i’ve been looking already.
cheers very much for any help anyone can give me

I’d be interested ih hearing about this too. Any answers?


I am planning to start a Cafe in Taipei. Am finding it hard to find information myself. Am speaking to a Lawyer who said she would help me register the comapany and then apply for work visas. Don’t know what will happen yet. let me know if you have any more info. jared.

Could i have your lawyers contact info cuz i need some legal help re an investment application? Thanks
don’t know how good she is yet.