Opening a school

Does any one know what is the procedure for opening an English School in Taiwan? As a foreigner.

it differs from locale to locale. where will you open it?

I think you would get a better response if you made your question more specific. In the meantime this thread; … t=anqinban
might be of interest.

Well, the first thing is that, as a foreigner, I believe that you can NOT open a school. Ours was opened by my wife (Taiwan I.D. holder). The thing main problem we had was finding a location that the MOE would accept as a licensable location. Do yourself a favor and hire an architect to do the renovation drawings, it made our life a lot easier. The other thing that we did is schmooze with the mayor and other officials, that made the process go a lot faster than it otherwise would have.

Don’t forget to pass around the bribes like they are going out of style. I hear that works well too.

Common myth. We passed out no cash or gifts of any kind in the registration of our school. For that matter, the other three people who I know who registered schools (Taipei, Hsinchu, and Hualien) also report the same thing. Of course, we all went out of our way to make sure that the schools met the legal requirements, so I dunno if it would be possible to get a substandard building approved with a little palm greasing. My guess is that it wouldn’t, because issues can be elevated by competitors above the heads of the ones bribed…too risky.

No, it doesn’t work well.

We never had the need for bribes when opening our school. We tried very hard to do everything by the book and in the end managed to do so. Even along the way, when things were slow going, it never seemed like bribes would help us any.

I’ve heard that bribes work well, too. However, I’ve never seen any evidence to back it up.

No bribes here either. We followed the law to the letter, so there was never any need.