Opening a tranalation company


I am from Germany. Currently I have a ARC (Chinese student). I think about to open a translation office. My questions are:

  • If I open a office for translations, will I get a work visa?
  • What kind of requirements do the goverment of Taiwan have?
  • Do I need any degree, diploma, etc.?
  • If an translation company hires me, will I get an work visa?

The main question is: I only can study Chinese for about 2 years, after that I have to do something new… I dont want to leave Taiwan because I really like it and want to stay for a long time.

Would be very helpful if anyone has some informations for me.

He’s talking about opening up his own company in Taiwan. Hmmm…I only know of two foreign-owned translation companies in Taiwan. One is wonderful (Pristine); the other, um, “not so much”, as they say.

I suppose the requirements would be the same as opening up any company (minimum capital investment requirements) and you would probably have to show some sort of professional credentials (I’m guessing on this one though) so check the requirements carefully. If it were easy, everyone would do it. I don’t think it would be an easy way to “stick around”. Why not get in good with the German rep office or something instead?

Opening a [color=red]tranalation[/color] company

Chinese to German OR Chinese to English ?

You’d want to brush up on your proof-reading skills, mate. Just because the “s” is right next to the “a” on the keyboard doesn’t get you any credibility in the translation business.

Best of luck anyway! :beer:

I would have more services than just translation, I am not sure how profitable it would be…best to probably start out as an independent