Opening an English school for adults, regulations same as a buxiban?

I don’t think I’ll get a buxi boss to agree, and it’s probably not worth it for the small number of classes I’d be teaching. I think I have to go another way.

Just keep students under 5 and find a coffee shop to meet in.

I can’t remember the one I looked at in Mucha, but they are everywhere.

I’m just gonna leave this here: I have a buxiban in xinyi, and I’m looking for a business partner or the worst case scenario :joy:: someone to transfer my license to…I’m alone and I just can’t handle it all by myself, or maybe that’s just not for me. (Btw licence took me 9 months and over 500k, it was a reaaaaal pain in the ***)

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Out of curiosity was that 500k for the license or all expenses to startup?

Just the license… Over 500,000

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Do they have the special licenses for accepting low income students in Taipei?

Never heard of it.

I don’t know why I missed this thread but you can delete my other one since it’s virtually the same thing