Opening Bank account with just your Passport

Is this possible anymore? A year ago a friend of mine opened an account at ChinaTrust with just his passport.

Ive heard that it is impossible without an ARC to open accounts at government banks but is quite possible at privately owned banks like E.Sun.

Not the case it seems. I went to Esun and they would not let me open an account without an ARC or permission from the foreign affairs police.

Is there any bank in Taiwan that will let me open an account with just my passport?


try Cha Hwa…Open an acct there with just passport 4 years ago…not sure about now…if still no luck try others

I got an account at China Trust. Just passport was not enough, but you can get one without ARC there (at least one year ago it was).
However you have to provide a so called “tongyi bianhao”. That’s a number you get from the foreign police station by showing your passport. It’s basically the same number as your future ARC will be and it was good enough for China Trust.

Good luck

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