Opening my own class in Main Land China

I’ll be moving to Main Land China soon and am thinking of opening my own class. I DO NOT wish to open a school, just one class. Why? I need something meaningful to do, and my son needs peers. I plan to teach more than just English, but to teach everything IN English. I just would feel more comfortable for my son to be with me, not in some kindy where he would be the only mixed kid around and likely have to deal with crap. And, of course, who couldn’t use a few extra bucks.

But I don’t know what the laws are about this in China and I don’t know anyone else who has done anything like this before. Anyone got any suggestions or experience I can learn from?

And I know this is not about Taiwan, but don’t know of a better place to ask. If the mod.s think this should be floundered or deleted, I’ll understand.


It would be helpful where in the Mainland you’re thinking about doing this. I’ve looked into doing “educational” business stuff in China and found out a few things.

  1. Things related to teaching/education is heavily regulated. Government authorities go nuts about this sort of thing (see Falun Gong).

  2. It should be small, informal and quiet. Otherwise, be very careful.

  3. Becareful of locals who catch wind of this. They’ll use you, especially if they see this as a money making venture. Anything english and educational is by its very own definition, a “money making venture”.

  4. Regionalized laws and regulations. Each province, each municipality all operate under different rules and regulations.

  5. Try to find a friend in China who can help shield you and act as a buffer. If you’re going to be in Beijing, I have a contact there who might be a resource for you.


Thanks Y. Cartman,

I won’t be in Beijing. I’ll likely bein Sha men or some smaller place where mostly business men and factory workers are. So, definatly want to keep it small. I’m just looking for a way to enrich my, and my son’s, life. If I can’t do this, I’ll end up being a usless house wife with a very borred toddler.

I am, in fact, very concerned about locals looking at my little class as a money making opp. Concerned about things like some kid’s parents deciding to “turn me in” or make up some problem for which they demand a zillion dollars. I am white after all and I have heard that most undereducated Main Land Chinese think that whites and Taiwanese (my husband) are ritch. All it would take is one waco.

a “useless” housewife? have never seen one. such is the most important job in the world.

i used to live in china. had a few private students on the side. very low key, mostly just discussing things with them in english. didn’t meet at my campus based apartment but rather at their places. not a problem. didn’t charge them much, if anything such variety kept things fresh. BUT it must be stated: i couldn’t have “chinese” guests into my own apartment. the public security bureau and/or campus security had a 24/7 watch on my comings and goings. the few times i tried to host at home the watchers quickly came and escorted my guests away.

Thanks! :wink: I agree, but I know after a while I’d feel usless with the Mr. working all the time and the house keeper/cook he plans to hire doing all the dirty work.

Wow! That seems over the top. Any word as to why?

I lived in Haikou (Hainan Island) for a while, and there were no restrictions on who came to my apartment. I wasn’t “on campus” though, I lived in a western-style apartment complex arranged by my employer. (We even had BBC TV, despit the government blocking access to their website.) Some of my colleagues made their own arrangements, and didn’t seem to have anyone checking up on them.

Actually, most of them were christian missionaries doing the bare minimum of teaching required to obtain a visa. They were basically running churches out of their apartments. One or two others also taught privately from home too.

I think the basic rule is that the further you are from Beijing the less you have to worry about.

You might try contacting western embassies and chambers of trade to see fi they can put you in touch with foreign nationals with kids. You might be able to start a ‘co-operative’ or something.

But that’s not mainland China is it? :wink:

hey, i used to live in haikou once upon a time. hainan guokeyuan scientific and experimental school…the exact school mentioned earlier in this thread.

Main Land China has been postponed! Whoo-hoo! (I wasn’t really looking forward to moving.)

But I think I’d still like to have my class, for the same reasons, in Taiwan. I’m thinking of 10-12 two to four year old kids for two hours every weekday afternoon or evening. Any one have any experience here or suggestions for me?

I understand that many kids in that age group are usually kept by grandma, so how would I find them and sign them up? Word of mouth?

Also, I’d like to hire a Taiwanese mommy to help out, someone with a kid who could come to class with her as my son will with me.

What do you think?

Wow, that’s a blast from the past. I spent a month there.

you spent a month in haikou, hainan or H.S.I.P.E.S.?