Opening soon: "American-style Chinese Restaurant"

Opening soon: "American-style Chinese Restaurant" Will you eat there?

  • I WILL try it, but the restaurant WON’T survive long.
  • I WILL try it and the restaurant WILL survive a long time.
  • I WON’T try it and the restaurant WON’T survive a long time.
  • I WON’T try it, but the restaurant WILL survive a long time.

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This restaurant opening in May near Taipei Main Station will serve traditional American-style Chinese food. Similar to the places located inside grocery stores in the US.

Among other westernized-Chinese dishes, it will proudly serve General Tso’s chicken, orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, chicken/pork fried rice, cow mien, egg rolls, and of course fortune cookies (nothing is more authentically Chinese than a fortune cookie). If you get it “to go” we will have Chinese take-out boxes:

What are you opinions?
What will the locals think?

Wow, chop suey, chow mein, egg foo yung and crab rangoon! :lick:

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…yum! any more info? Website?

I know! It’s ridiculous, but I’d definitely go there!

OMG! At last! Canton arrival! :lick:

You had me at: Crab Rangoon :discodance: :pray:

They’re bound to adapt it to local tastes.

So you are saying it will eventually become a Taiwanese-style American-style Chinese restaurant??? :bow:

I don’t think that will happen because it is partially foreign owned.

They haven’t fully committed to a name. Any suggestions?

:laughing: Can’t stand the stuff myself, but it’s a really cool concept. Good luck!

(I didn’t know some of those dishes: Britain has its own ‘Chinese’ cuisine.)

Oh man that just adds a whole other dimension to it :slight_smile:

I highly doubt it could be as good as “green garden” back home say :slight_smile: but I will certainly be checking it out.

That’s what I call real Chinese food!

My favorite thing about Chinese food in the US is the Vietnamese girls they have working there.

My favorite thing about Japanese food in the US is the Korean girls they have working there.

Can I reserve a seat for dinner, daily?

For a name, how about Hui Lai 回來 (Come/Came Back)?

How about The Great Wok?

ABC [American-Born Chinese] Restaurant, of course.

City Wok

That would be funny! “Damn Mongorians!”

Haha - when I move back to the UK I may just have to open a Taiwanese style Italian restaurant, offering Taiwanese twists on Italian classic such as:

  1. Powder milk cabonara with raw bacon (no real cream guarenteed)!

  2. Ketchup based bolonese with pork dust.

  3. Taiwanese pizza: bing-gan topped with ketchup and a (cheese-like) powder, with the pizza you get the option to upgrade to a cheese slice ~ quality!

To be something they will have to keep it “authentic” , that is “authentic American Chinese” food.

I guess theres enough Taiwanese who went to college in the USA to want to eat that to bring back some memories. That being said, I hate those Panda chinese fast food places. Good looking food but YUK.

You know they could import some pretty Viet girls to serve in that restaurant ?
Although my recollection here was that they were all matronly Chinese women the places I went.