Opera 7.11 - Advertisment?

I want to install Opera 7.11 and was wondering if it still has those advertisment windows like the older versions? If yes, any remedy you can recommend?



Paying for it, of course. :laughing:

There are probably hacks floating around the Net that would disable Opera’s ads. But I barely notice the ads as it is.

One of these days, though, I’ll actually fork out the money. I really like this browser.

You might also want to try the new Mozilla Firebird. I downloaded it last night, and so far it’s performed very well and has been remarkably fast.

It also has no ads or nags.

Thanks. In that case I will attempt an “update” from version 4.02 (which is cracked).

Sh… didn’t work out. I find the ads itself not that disturbing but it takes away to much space I would like to use for the webpage. (Don’t need the navigation buttons either)

If you don’t need the buttons, try full-screen mode. (Hit the F-11 key.) That will also make the ad disappear.