Operation Happy Child

I am trying to locate Operation Happy Child. They are a children’s charity in Taipei, Taiwan. Can anyone tell me more about them or how I contact them? Thank you.

The Ministry of the Interior would probably have a listing of such charities, however they are unlikely to have the “English Language name.”

Without the name in Chinese, it seems that you would be left to finding a report about this charity in some English language magazine or newspaper, and getting contact details from there.

As another line of inquiry, you might try to write to the Government Information Office (GIO).

I remember seeing a list of charities in Taipei and many had their English names as well. It might have been a .gov site, but I forget. I’ll look around for it and let you know. I konw this doesn’t help much, but at least you know one exists now…

You could ask the Taiwan Philanthropy Info Centre

No listing for Operation Happy Child, but there seem to be English-speaking staff there who’d probaby help.