Operation Market Kittens - ALL ADOPTED!

When we heard that the traditional Taiwanese foodmarket close to where we live was going to be moved and the old stands demolished, we rushed to rescue the pregnant and nursing mother cats and kittens that we knew had their homes in the stands. We had tried to CNR the mums before, but between them there seemed to always be very young kittens (hidden where we couldn’t get to them), which would die if we took mum away for a few days. And it was impossible to tell which mum was not nursing… Now, we had no choice, but to take all cats we could to safety.

Armed with a trap, several carriers, food, and a local friend, we went on our mission. Unfortunately we were stopped by one of the market vendors, who was new to us and who regarded the cats as his, as he fed them once a week :loco: , or so he said. He wanted the cats to have babies and to have them there. Many people, including other vendors, tried to talk some sense into this guy, but he wouldn’t have it. :fume: Needless to say the guy was nowhere to be seen, when the stands were being knocked down by bulldozers late last Fridaynight and ‘his’ kittens were very possibly crushed to death between corrugated iron plates and steel beams…

We WERE there and were able to pick up some kittens. Also we were able to persuade some kind big machinery drivers to watch out for kittens (the adult cats having fled by now) and to keep them in a box until our return again and again. So some actually climbed out of their dozers and trucks when they spotted a tiny tail between the rubble :bravo: , and hopefully together we rescued most of the market kittens. The rubble has now been completely cleared. We found six kittens in all.

Allow me to introduce to you:

At barely 3 weeks of age we have Emma, an adorable ginger girl:

Of the same age, and very likely litter, this is modest happy Robin, a boy:

Very brave at about 4 weeks of age and very friendly, here is Marijn, also a boy:

Handsome and fearless at about 4 weeks too, and a boy also, meet Frank:

Their sister-in-arms, and probably in real life, sporting a punky hairdo and an expert at breaking out: Houdini:

And last but etc. a bit more mature at 10 - 12 weeks, hence less naive and more afraid, but ever so gorgeous, we proudly present Ellen (and don’t let the name fool you, he’s a boy!):

These cuties are looking for new families to call their own. Our home now has 3 dogs, 17 cats :rainbow: , and 2 humans! That’s 22 animals in one 14th floor apartment… :help:
The kittens have been dewormed and deflead, and so have we all… :laughing: , so come over and visit these adorable creatures. It’s safe! And please, spread the word…

Kittens are so cute. Great work, guys. Good luck.

And yes kudos to the Taiwanese workers who are too often maligned as uncaring.

what an amazing story! This is a good example for us all to follow. It takes a bit of courage, a bit of cooperation, and a LOT of patience and determination to affect some positive change in society.

Great news:

Robin and Marijn will be adopted into a fantastic home! :bravo:

You snooze you lose! Only 4 of these furry creatures left!

Here’s Ellen again, as he doesn’t always seem to cooperate in my first post:

By the way, he’s no longer scared and is a very lovable, very pretty boy!

Ellen too has been adopted and will eventually live in Canada surrounded by Cairn Terriers! :smiley:

We’re down to Marijn, Frank, and Houdini. Two boys and a girl respectively. I’ll post some recent pictures soon.

Robin, Emma, and Ellen found great homes. Marijn, Houdini, and Frank, have been keeping us (great) company.

However, it’s time for them to go. They’re now about 11 weeks old.

Marijn is the sweetest, most cuddliest little boy, fond of people, his fellow kittens and cats, AND DOGS! He’s been dewormed and deflead, is in excellent health, and a genuine sweety darling…

Frank’s character is very much like that of Marijn. Frank too is fond of all the other creatures in our household. And if he wants your attention, he has ways of getting it! And if he wants to be left alone…

Houdini is the only girl left. As girls come, she is more independent than the boys. Houdini holds her own. Nonetheless, she’s playful, very friendly, and funny. She too is in excellent health. And like Harry (Houdini) she has ways to disappear…

Do yourself a favor and finish what we started: rescue a stray cat! We can only continue rescuing if you adopt! You won’t regret it, as these are wonderful creatures, who’ll give back so much more in return for some food, a litter box, and your company.

P.S. Yes, the dogs in the pictures are adorable too. No, you can’t have them. But the good news is, their equally adorable (looks and character) sister IS available for adoption. We found all 3 as 8-week olds dumped near Shihfen waterfall.

They are real cuties. Love the 2nd pic in your last post, great shot!

He’s telling her off for eating his kitten food…

Houdini has done her final disappearing act. Up for adoption remain the cuddly boys Marijn and Frank. They would fit perfectly into a home which includes dogs, as they are growing up in one.

Marijn has been adopted (and we miss him dearly). This leaves Frank, who we’ll have an even harder time letting go off… He’s naughty and smart and cuddly and loves humans, dogs, and other cats.