Opinions about a recent case in department store

Anything on the back at all?

Illuminati script parhaps?

What if that LINE id was another coworker or the official internal LINE id for employees to ask questions?

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It has my name and issuing bank on it.

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How would I have known if it was or not? Maybe it is her friend’s Line.

In some countries in the world, it would be a civil offense if not a criminal one.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of this before.
So I wouldn’t know what to do with it if you gave it to me. It sounds like a new type of RFID credit card. But with no numbers on it, how would I know that’s a genuine card? Someone could have made one in a metal shop…

I talked with the manager but he didn’t understand why photographing a customer’s card (front and back) and being sneaky about it to boot (I forgot to add this aspect) and sending it to an unknown person is a problem. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, I suppose.

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Any time you buy anything online the person sel can get your card number + cvv.

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It is similar but has my name, issuing bank, and processor printed on it only.

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Go to the police and ask?

This seems like a thing an apology and deletion of the photo would suffice if we are talking principale. No actual harm was done and retail workers aren’t exactly MIT graduates.


I agree with you 100 PERCENT!

Why do posters defend Taiwanese wrongdoings so much?

very right, she should be bought to case.

How do you know, you know whom she sent photo to? MIT graduate or not? so what difference does that make.


There are only 99 cards like this.

There’s no information on the card…as the OP said.

No one is defending her. Just bringing perspective on how minor the mistake was at the end.


As you may be able to infer, I don’t really care about credit cards… :sweat_smile:

The physical Apple Card doesn’t have any numbers on it or the CVV: just the MasterCard logo, Apple logo, GoldmanSachs logo, and my name.

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Welcome to Taiwan.

Hey, just trying to help you out here.

Can you show me an example of a statute which would criminalize taking a picture of something shown in public which doesn’t have any private personal information on it?

It seems a very odd law for a free society to adopt.