Opinions on an Upcoming Record

I’m working on the production of a friend’s upcoming record. I’d appreciate input. Which songs do you like and why? How do you feel about the song order?

Any input would be MOST appreciated.

blog.88kos.com/tracklist-for-the … ty-things/

Thanks to Tempo Gain for already giving me MAJOR input! :thumbsup:

I like it. Like it a lot. Am in temp abode, but I have it turned up to 11. Neighbours must be liking it as well.
Nice piece of work!

Good choices IMO, I think it has a consistent tone and good flow. I still don’t like Americans though :slight_smile:

My friend, the musician’s wife is in ICU on life-support after suffering a stroke.

PLEASE hit the link and give me some commentary, even if you don’t like it. PLEASE. :bow:

Really. I don’t ask for much. Please do this for me.

If anyone’s interested, my friend’s wife died. So sad. So young. :cry:

That’s too bad.
Condolences to you and your friend.