Opinions on my Website

I am new to Forumosa, but I wanted to get some opinions on my website.
And before you go cutting up my English on some posts, I am just too lazy to fix it sometimes. haha.

I have lots of photos of Taiwan and life here.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks alot in advance,




Nice site, are you in Taiwan now?

Pretty good site. Well laid out and loads quick.

You will grow to look like Mr. Bean.

Looks nice, What’s powering the the portal?

I agree, Mike. I think it looks pretty good.

Did you use a kit to make that? (I know virtually zip about creating websites, but I’m thrilled to have bought a domain just last week from 1and1.com, along with their “Instant Website” kit. I’d be happy if mine turned out as well as yours though it will be far different – business oriented.)

You might want to tell all those people in your guestbook that they’re sending out invitations for spam and other harassment.

Actually, yes I should warn the guestbook signers about possible spam. Maybe I’ll just remove the email form from the signing page…

I’m using Postnuke (www.111megs.com.

Yes, I am in Taiwan now. :slight_smile: Been here for about a year and planning on staying at least another.

Thanks alot for the comments and suggestions!


You have a cool-looking site, but might I suggest changing the surrounding columns to a different colour? It’ll make the entries you make in the middle stand out more, and it’ll also be more attractive.

I found it kind of confusing and didn’t know what to look at at first, because all the boxes were the same colour.

But nice site!

Nice layout, I would adjust the colors a bit though. I would also change so you don’t have to register to post comments. Just a question, the pic on the front page, the person on the right is a dude, right?

but she got boobs…

Very happy to hear all the feedback. I will consider changing the colours a bit to compliment eachother. And yes, the site is confusing. :wink:

By the way, you don’t have to register to post comments. But maybe its a little confusing… when you view the comments, you need to hit post comment and then fill in the form. I blame postnuke for that one. hehe

Finally, yah she is a girl, and it’s an ugly picture. I just got about 5 emails from her threatening my life if I didnt take it down. lol


BTW, the photos you have labeled as a funeral parade in your Taipei photo album are actually of a temple celebration parade.

Probably was some god’s birthday.

People at funerals are dressed in white mostly, and the family of the deceased wear veil things.

In celebrations people tend to dress in red, and they set off firecrackers sometimes.

I remember when I was a young struggling writer I showed some of my work to a newspaper editor that I happened to be acquainted with. “You look at stuff like this and you wonder why people write such nonsense” he said. “But keep it up,” he continued “It will help you to organize your mind”.

He had a point.