Optical Illusion Game - Who can be the first to see it?


Tommy: take your face right up to the screen. Focus on the center and slowly draw your head back. Your eyes must be out of focus with the image. Practice a bit and they just pop out. Quite a thing, really.

Dr Urodacus: How does it work?[/quote]Jimipresley! Man,you are the man! Are you drunk right now? How do you see them so quickly? I still have to concentrate quite a bit! Well done! :notworthy: :bravo:

Here we go, Tommy.


Look for tips on how to see them at “Stereogram Gallery”.


Here is the original one that I made for you. The answer is below.

I must say, Mr Surfer, the first “TOMMY” one was the hardest for me. Took about a minute. The others pop out in seconds.

i have alien vision. I cant see anything :slight_smile:

nose up to screen , staring , whatever. just a red wall.

Fine, fine, FINE! The clock is running…GO!

  1. If you get this one then you are admitting that you’re a geek like me!

Starship Enterprise

First is a cat, but the second just looks like a cave?

Sorry, was playing Halo in the other room. Talk about geeky.

Tommy, you’re not getting them, mate. It’s like a 3-D hologram, not an optical illusion.

yeah? i just see an indentation in 3 d :unamused:

Starship Enterprise[/quote]I bow down to your superior intellect! Well done! I’m going to bed…I mean really! Merry Christmas everyone!

What’s it say?

Weird. I can get the grasshopper, the butterfly and the rabbit, but not any of the others.

[quote=“Northcoast Surfer”]What’s it say?


I got it! Forumosa! very hard to make out!

Weird. I just see tits with all of them. :idunno:

[quote=“housecat”][quote=“Northcoast Surfer”]What’s it say?


I got it! Forumosa! very hard to make out![/quote]Rock n Roll Housecat! :bravo: :notworthy: I changed the type of 3d illusion for this one. Once it comes into view the word should appear raised out from the back and not in like the previous ones. This is called the “Cross-eyed” version as most people find it easier to first look at it cross-eyed and then it pops out from the illusion.

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Weird. I just see tits with all of them. :idunno:[/quote]I don’t see a problem with that at all! :roflmao:

to me it looks like the letters are recessed, like the word is “carved out”

Dear oh dear! But you screwed that one up – you can see the little deer at the bottom without staring.
As for the big one, I saw it and now I can’t, no matter what i do.