Opticians and NHI card

Is it possible to get an eye test here with the NHI card … costs ?

Also, is it possible to get glasses or discount on costs with an NHI card ?

Do opticians ( any ? ) even take NHI cards ?

From what I gather, you should be able to use a NHI card to cover most of the cost of an eye exam at a hospital. However, it seems that opticians will not accept the NHI card, but they will give you a free eye exam. Good luck, and let us know what you find out.

That’s been my experience, too; if you go to an optician with the intention of buying a pair of glasses or some lenses, they’ll check your vision as well.

Good luck,

Ahm, an “optician” will take the NHI card. A glasses store will test your eyes, not well, but will do the test in order to sell you glasses.

Go to a optomothologist if you can, they will do a good job and won’t cost more. Glasses, no NHI discount but if you chat up the girl at the counter you’ll get a discount. Yes, that is what I did

you gave her some eye moisturizer then?