Optimist sailboat parts

Hi Taiwan sailors!
Could someone recommend where to buy class legal optimist sails and rigging? Our daughter is actively sailing and we need new sail for her optimist sailboat. Thanks so much!

It helps if we know where you can are located.
In the north you can try the Bali (Danshui) sailing school, or the school in Keelung (University).
Both have / had a fleet of Optimists.
In the south there is a large sailing center south of Kaohsiung.

These may be not readily available. We ordered ours from J Sails ( Poland ) for decent quality and price.
Feel free to PM for details or experience sharing, we are sailing OP 8 years here.

…and here we have the illusive strain of Formusus Foreignus, the type with the sailing daughter who needs boat rigging. A truly rare breed.

the Bali school has optimists, but they’re rarely used, the place seems empty.