Opting Out of Measles Vaccine for Health Check

Has anyone been able to opt out of the Measles vaccination when obtaining a health certificate for residency purposes? I’m in the process of applying for residency and the hospital just informed me that I need to be vaccinated. I’d go with a religious exemption back home, but I’m not sure if that’s an option here… the lady at the hospital says I have no choice. I don’t like that one bit.

Unfortunately, logic and science are the rules in the healthcare system here. :-s


Do yourself and everyone else a favour and just get vaccinated, what’s the big deal?


We got a live one here folks, get your fishing rods out


Do you have any allergy or medical condition that prevents vaccination or is it some moral objection, which I do not put down, but coming from a fourth world country where we do get measles, one word: China -just next door. Or heck, most South East Asia, where they do not have such access to vaccines. And we in Taiwan do get a lot of foreign workers and new immigrants with occasional flareups every year of stuff supposedly wiped out. So it is not some silly rule.

Moreover, not getting the vaccine can get pretty dangerous… for you in particular. I wouldn’t work in teaching here without making sure all my vaccines were up to speed -and you can hear about the regular contagions here of not so romantic illnesses such as enterovirus. Ask around, search the forums. face masks are a fashion accessory for a reason.

Like the story, God sends a canoe to save us, and if you refuse, you’ll meet Him sooner. He understands you do things to protect this vessel he gave you. Like wearing a helmet when you drive a scooter instead of relying on his already overworked angels. If you will be ostracized -as it happens- in your faith because you are following a superior command, that is another story. But please consider the possibility that this requirement may not be such a crazy thing.


Google what happens when you get measles… :doh:

Don’t be an idiot anti vaxxer :no-no:


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But, I don’t want my dick to drop off and my IQ to double to 24.

I thought this thread would head this direction. :thumbsup: While you are getting vaccines that might actually save your life (or significantly improve the quality of) you should also go in for the Hep A/B. Getting that (Hep A) can happen easily and it will really screw you up for awhile.

It appears that a huge amount of the U.S. population is brainwashed on this one. (Just did a Google search using their U.S. search engine.) And, obviously, you aren’t getting much support on Forumosa. Here’s some good info on the topic of vaccines: [url]Mercola.com - #1 Natural Health Website

Dr. Mercola is not a nutter. Also, I’m not going to be arguing back and forth about this. And I probably won’t be checking back here for a couple days anyway as I find Forumosa insanely boring. (God I miss the crazy days of the mid-2000s on Dave’s Esl Cafe China Off-topic forum!)


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Yes, they are, which is why measles is returning after it was eradicated in the U.S.

This thread is going to be awesome. Almost as awesome getting the measles or any of the almost eradicated illnesses.

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Worse. This kind of thinking takes resources away from developing more vaccines, leaving us the Fourth World even more defenseless, vulnerable, hopeless, and poorer. If it was only their choice, their blood on their hands. But way too many innocent die as consequence. But hey, they get to play smart guys by thinking they have outsmarted the system.

I guess people who grow up in richer countries don’t understand the severity of it. I had measles, as did most kids of my generation in Yooklandia and I got a week in bed, some new crayons and all-you-can-ingest chicken soup and lemonade so I used wonder what the big deal was. The death rate is tiny in my country and when I was a kid it was seen as desirable to get these diseases because it Spartas you up. However, this is because we generally have sanitary conditions, adequate nutrition and few incidences of childhood HIV. Although Taiwan is hardly the colonial Americas, it’s not OK to move somewhere and smallpox the population.

Opting out of vaccines while relying on the health of the rest of the herd, created by vaccination is a supremely dick move, IMO. You want the goodies (no child mortality or disability for my kid, thank you very much) while letting everyone else take the (tiny) risks of vaccination. It’s OK for your child to skip his/her polio or rubella vacc if everyone else has taken theirs, eh? The same people would be scrambling for it, if their kid was surrounded by deadly diseases.

I understand, I fucking despise those immigration arseholes who think it’s acceptable to pregnancy test me, etc, but for disease control? Fair enough. TB has taken hold in my city in the UK again, because of illegal Typhoid Marys from shitholes in Africa.

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I guess it would be prejudicial to refuse entry to everyone named Mary.
But still.

Just don’t think about yourself, think about other people you could infect being a carrier of a nasty bug!

I don’t like bumping a thread of this nature but it’s very important and I couldn’t find another relevant discussion.

Has anyone (including the OP) managed to circumvent the MMR vaccine requirement for the ARC health check? If it’s not possible I’m in quite a predicament.

I felt to answer this, even though I don’t have a definitive answer, because I wanted to know the answer to this before I arrived. I believe, you’re in a quite a predicament because it is compulsory. I didn’t have the MMR at home (its younger than I am and I’ve not had any vaccines after primary school that I can remember). So, I must have had the antibodies already from having had that stuff as a child. I had a friend here who taught for a decade or more and he would not have had it because he told me he’s never had a vaccine. I believe, the reason is that teachers who have a proper formal teaching license (i.e. a teaching degree) don’t need to meet his requirement, those who do not have that proper teaching license do have to meet this requirement. I would expect that, short of you having some kind of allergy etc. that you could prove, you’re not going to be able to get around that requirement of the health check. Good luck, I know how you feel.

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You are right. I’ve checked with a few sources and they made it clear that there was no way around the requirement if it’s brought up; you have to take the vaccine. My inquiry was often met with annoyance. I’ll keep checking and seeing what else develops. Where there’s a will there’s a way.