Orchid Island diving

I’m living in the states with my Taiwanese wife I met as a student at Shi-Da many years ago now… We head back to Taiwan every two years during summer.

I would like to go to LanYu next summer for a few days of diving. I’m conversant in Chinese and I have my gear. A couple of questions please and thank you to those who have done it:

  1. Where should I stay?

  2. What dive operation should I work through?

  3. Where should I dive?

I’ve searched the threads and looked on line but there is not much. Apparently there are some underwater structures like those in Yonaguni?

You need to get in touch with Hei Niao (sp?) I’ll get his details and post them here. He’s a great guy, does diving, is in the most beautiful village, and has a homestay. His family is totally cool too.

In addition, there may be some useful information about Orchid Island in the threads listed at
viewtopic.php?t=82911&start=26 (even though the thread titles refer to Green Island)…

In any case, let us know what you find out, OK?

Any new information on this? I’m interested in hitting LanYu as well!