Orchid Island (蘭嶼/Lán yǔ) frowns on bikinis

What’s the concern with bikinis?

Didn’t the islanders traditionally live in loin cloth or very little clothing and has something changed the culture from hundreds of years or did they always wear something covering their bodies?


When I was there a couple of years ago, the traditional small loincloths were for sale at the tourist market, and the older shopkeepers kept prodding me to buy one, good-naturedly laughing all the while. I wonder if I would have made the news if I’d decided to buy one and wear it at the beach?

Seems to have to do with certain taboos involving women?

Standing in front of the traditional canoes, fishing spots, shrines, etc. is understandable.

People are also complaining about things like people riding around on scooters, walking around small villages, etc. in bikinis because “our tradition in more conservative”. Didn’t they traditionally run around half naked?

Did western influences, christian religious influences from missionaries, or something else influence their traditions to change to not like seeing people with little clothing?

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Maybe they like the ‘Beijing bikini’ better?


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Talking to my Taiwan friends, not aboriginal, tonight at dinner about this without giving any of my impressions just told them the news.

First comments from them paraphrased “this is weird because they’ve been wearing little or no clothes for two thousand years”.

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They should go visit the Taipei Adult Expo.

Still trying to figure out of its bikinis or big purple dildos.

it’s both, plus manginas

Has it occurred to anyone that they’re complaining because the models wearing the bikinis are built like a bunch of 9-year-old boys on a hunger strike?

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I’m impressed they allow pregnant women to go topless in Beijing. I’m still learning something everyday.

Good grief. Those two look like they could do with a big plate of 水餃 or something. Do models not get meal breaks?

Ah, just noticed @Rocket got there first.

Anyway, people have short memories. “Tradition” is whatever your parents did or said.

I imagine it’s to do with the fact that fishermen sometimes drown. So understandably they have taboos about boats. But if that is the case the complaint should be directed at the guy who is renting out boats for photo shoots