Orchid Island: Must see things

Your dragon head rock eating a goat:


Wow, we have seen beautiful Penghu, but this looks as interesting as Pescadores!

I’ve been to Penghu four times since I moved to Taiwan nine years ago, so you know I like it. However, Lanyu is an amazing world unto itself.

My 2 most memorable trips were to Penghu Island around 15 years ago and Green Island about the same time. Definitely need to put Orchid Island on the must-see list.

Here’s a video from a few years back, it’s a bit long and the voice sounds terrible, but you can see most of the places of interest.

I liked the Green Green Grasslands. I hated passing the nuke waste plant several times…



Watching your video brought back wonderful memories for me. I want to return to Lanyu now :grinning:

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I have a friend that works on Orchid Island. Seems hard to believe, but according to them “Orchid island is always windy and cloudy” like gray skies.

Anyone spent much time there?

To: @tango42

He’s been there a few times, as well as his cycling buddy Michael Turton. Maybe contact them.

Search “Orchid Island” on that blog and a whole lotta pics and story show up.