Ordering Books and Movies Online

Hi guys, the family wants to send us books. They want to buy them online. Where is the best place to buy kids books online? Does Amazon have a warehouse in China, making it cheap-er than Indigo of shipping?

Any suggestions for buying Dr. Seus books? Does Cave’s have an English site?

Much thanks

I don’t know if they’ll ship to Taiwan, but if your family is buying the books from a U.S.-based dot.com bookseller, I’d suggest BooksAMillion.com (also available at BAMM.com for short).

Their prices are considerably better than Amazon’s, and they’re nicer to deal with if you have to talk with a human. Just try to avoid getting on their email list, since their “special offers” come out nearly daily.

Amazon does ship hear. I bought five tapes/DVD’s for my daughter. Cost $60CDN. Shipping $50CDN.

Eslite has a website at www.eslite.com, but it appears to be in Chinese only. They also have a small store devoted to children’s and YA books only in an alley off of ShinSheng (sp) near NTU. I’m sure they have Dr. Seuss there.

Other online booksellers in Taiwan include www.kingstone.com.tw.

I like just about all the Dr. Seuss books. I started buying them twelve years ago with the first child.

The nice thing about Amazon is that you can make a wishlist and then send it to the family. Shipping seems to have gone up in the last couple of years so we don’t buy much from there.

Thanks for great advice all. Actually, has anyone heard of “Frog and Toad”. I am looking for that series as well.

Amazon’s shipping prices suck; every time I’ve ordered the shipping cost is almost as much, if not more than the cost of the book itself.

Eslite does carry Dr Seuss books, at least in Taipei. You might also want to try Silex, which deals exclusively with English children’s books and will order anything you like at no extra charge. The Silex I visited was along MinSheng E Rd Sec 5, Taipei, inside the Kingstone(?) bookstore - that’s the one with the yellow sign with brown words.

I recently had wonderful success with www.yesasia.com - go for the WESTERN products tab, or you’ll be going round in circles in the Chinese products area. It’s free shipping to Taiwan and they shipped on 26 June. I got my stuff, by courier, morning of 30 June.

Mother Teresa: Have you used abebooks.com recently?

I used to be a fan of abebooks, and have had a great experience with single-book purchases shipped in from everywhere to Taipei. Unfortunately, the last time I visited their site I was pretty cheesed off because postage was suddenly being calculated on the assumption that each book weighs 1 pound - so shipping and handling costs went through the roof. This may be true for hardbacks, but I only order paperbacks.
Is there any way to get round that?

Anyway, my latest favourite online bookstore is yesasia.com on account of their free shipping to Taiwan and range of books offered. They probably make it up in the cost of the book but prices seem OK, and shipments are couriered - they arrive in less than a week.


Yes, I have purchased from abebooks recently. As with amazon.com, the postage adds significantly to the price of the order (sorry Gus), but for me the cost was trivial. I wasn’t buying paperbacks for pleasure reading. I bought a legal treatise written by my great-grandfather and published in Munich in 1901. The fact that I can go to a website and search bookstores all over the world to find such a book is amazing. Cost including shipping: about $85. To me the book is priceless, so the price and shipping cost were well worth it

My pleasure. For the person who asked before about buying childrens’ books, abebooks sells them:

First edition Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss $13,000
dogbert.abebooks.com/servlet/Boo … i=58867788

First edition Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban $2,578
abebooks.com/docs/ReadingRoo … an03.shtml

This thread seems to be dead now, but just an FYI:
a great source for books online that I use is bestbookbuys.com.

They compare prices from a bunch of other book sites including Amazon, Half.com, etc. They include used and new books.

All shipping prices are for the USA however. Sorry, can’t help you there.

Shimers was right. yesasia.com is whack (in a good way)! Free shipping to Taiwan on certain purhcases. Our order arrived within 3 days (from Hong Kong).

Which online bookseller has the best shipping rates to Taiwan?

Amazon is pretty competitive but you could also try yesasia.com


Check out Alibris: www.alibris.com

They handle a lot of used and out-of-print stuff too. I was amazed at $7 shipping to Taiwan.

www.yesasia.com used to have no-strings-attached free shipping. It now charges for English books though not DVDs. Hm.
4 paperbacks is going to cost me US$7.50. Admittedly not a lot, but waay above free!

I haven’t gone to Amazon or Alibris to check how the shipping rates compare against yesasia… if someone else has done the math please let me know.

It naturally depends on what you are after. I’ve used Amazon for the last 4 years without incident. Barnes and Noble is awful in my experience: 3 books never made it, and I waited months for a refund. Their saving grace is that they will ship second-hand books here; Amazon won’t. YesAsia has a very limited selection.

Still, now that Page One is open, I believe they can order anything for you without shipping cost.

Have you experienced that personally? The information on the site is unclear, though it looks like shipping is free on everything to Taiwan.

I can’t figure out, though, why that site writes “All products in YesAsia.com” but then lists as different categories “Posters and Magazines,” “English Books,” and “Mainland Books.” Very confusing. Really poor writing in the help files.

Cranky laowai:
I ordered books from Yesasia.com with free shipping all of last year - it made it a lot cheaper than Amazon, and while it has less variety it still had enough of the books I wanted. I was pretty happy with the service as Yesasia ships more quickly than Amazon, and it was cheaper.
My first order for this year, made yesterday, said I qualified for free shipping, but charged me US$7.98 in shipping fees. I went to the same FAQ you did, which listed free shipping on all products, etc… it didn’t make sense to me either. I don’t mind the rules changing, but it was confusing.
Customer support happily explained that it’s free shipping on all products EXCEPT ineligible products, namely English books, magazines and posters. Which is just about everything except CDs and DVDs, which I’d likely buy locally anyway.
So I’m going to stop recommending yesasia until I can do an apples-to-apples comparison on prices vs shipping costs for amazon, alibris and yesasia. Yesasia book prices are more expensive than amazon in any case, so it may work out that amazon’s cheaper now.

The website Deep Discount DVD is offering 20 percent off all its DVDs through June 25 (Friday). Its prices are almost always lower than Amazon’s, so this appears to be an extraordinarily good deal. :sunglasses:

International shipping rates:
$0 - $25 $5.95
$25.01 - $50.00 $8.95
$50.01 - $100.00 $11.95
Over $100 $14.95

Use the coupon code DEEPDISCOUNT upon checkout for the discount.

Of course, everything’s going to be in region 1 encoding, so be sure your DVD player can handle discs from outside the Taiwan region.