Ordering supplements online

Does anyone out there know of a good site to order vitamins, protein, creatine, etc from? I’ve been looking for a few, but they’re all in the US and cost a huge amount to ship here!

See if one of these companies will ship via the US postal service’s Global Priority Mail. Takes as little as 4-5 days and it’s cheaper. Don’t be afraid to ask them to ship this route. It might even help to try and find a smaller company to work with since they tend to be more flexible.

I have a friend who orders online. I’ll see where she gets hers.

Still haven’t found a decent site to order supplements from. Can anyone recommend one?

This may not help you but what I did was ordered a whole bunch to arrive at home and picked it up on my last visit. If you or someone you know is heading home and has the luggage space, it’s worth it to save yourself a bundle. :wink:

what exactly are u looking for? i can access a big bucket of protein powder if you like, but you’d have to post it from Australia.

Good luck finding any decent company that will ship you anything via Global Priority Mail, I have tried. (not sure if you are a US citizen but you are right, it is very expensive from the US) Most of these companies will only ship via UPS or other major carrier to overseas addresses. I find them completely unfriendly towards international customers and refuse to do business with them, they never answer my emails and if they do they simply reply we only use such and such carrier, I’ve given up. I suggest you search for very small shops, they are more friendly and willing to ship your products as you want them to.

A friend recommended www.xe.com if you need to.

www. netrition.com will ship to taipei -takes approx. 1 week and is well worth the cost if you’re ordering more than protein.

The most annoying thing is often you find out they don’t sell internationally until you get to checkout. I would think this would be basic enough to be in the faq or on the main page.

We ship large quantities of vitamins and other health stuff about once a month to Taiwan. Let me know what you need and we can possibly give you a good deal. You’ll at least save a lot on shipping and you can either pick up from my in-laws in Taiwan, or they can mail to you once they get it. We can probably get anything you need - just let me know.