Organic baby food

I am starting a new organic baby food delivery service and went a little over zealous in preparation for the TAS Spring Fair today, which means I have some left overs. I was selling them at a special fair price at $50 a 4 oz serving (regular price $60), but now I’d like to offer them at $30/4 oz serving since they should be eaten or frozen by the 25th. They can be frozen for up to 2 months. If you order 10 or more, I can give you free shipping (also if you’re in the Hsin Yi District, though not until Monday). These are mostly organic and most everything comes directly from a certified organic farmer in Yang Ming Shan. I have the following varieties:

  1. Organic apple puree
  2. New Zealand Pear puree
  3. Organic carrot puree
  4. Squash - Organic squash, organic apple, organic onion and cinnamon
  5. Greens - Organic broccoli, organic sweet peas, organic corn, organic carrot, organic sweet potato
  6. Spinach cereal - Organic spinach, pear, irish oatmeal
  7. Pineapple - Pineapple, organic soy beans, organic brown rice, pear

If you’d like some, please email me at or call 0930-286-773.