Organic shrimp

Being sold in Carrefour Xindian and will be opening in shilin by xmas time.

They are called spa shrimp, after the shrimp are harvested they are put into a special container which has bubbles, in this tank they release all of their… poop, its a patented process by my father-in-law.
So there is no black stuff going along the spine.

The shrimp are raised on my dads farm in sabah, its in the middle of nowhere and is famously known to be one of the most natural places left on this earth.
Unlike locally raised shrimp they are raised in the mud, not artifically created pools.
Hard to describe on here so i will upload pics of the place later on :wink:

300g of shrimp is $210nt and if you buy 3 boxs the combined price is only $520.

Thats our website, its a 100% family owned business, we own the farm and distribute in Taiwan.
If you can read chinese you can order on the website above and get yourself a nice discount.

sounds tasty. i try not to think of the poop when im eating shrimp but yeah if you thikn about it, gads !

I wonder if Godzilla thinks first if a human has or hasnt yet pooped when and if he wants to pop a human in his mouth? Scriptwriters never got to that part tho.

Your site is down.

And wouldn’t take the poop out of their bum remove the smell you love?

I had it wrong :laughing:
The company is called speed fortune in Taiwan and sea fortune in Malaysia… long story that one.

Anyway the website address is now correct, its very nicely done i must say, even though i cant understand a word of it!.

Ok so just to give more info

300g box of shrimp size 31/40 - $210
3X boxs is only $499… thats 900g worth!.

Xindian carrefour 2nd floor near the tills :bow:

Near the tills? Selling dried shrimp are you? :laughing:

Its frozen shrimp, in many sizes!.

We now have carrefour branches in:

Ximen (guilin rd/zhonghua rd)

Might have jung-he soon as well :sunglasses:

How about Tainan?? :slight_smile:

Please do keep us posted when new branches are added; if the Minquan bridge Carrefour carries this, I’m more likely to buy it. :smiley:

We have stock in Taiwan all the time as one of our storage friges is there!.
But i cant give any details to it as its for business use, shoot me a PM and i can arrange pick up or delivery.